Sunday, 13 December 2009

White Rabbits, Spirals and the Jupiter Finger

I've recently written aboutthe salience of White Rabbits and Spirals in my conciousness these past few weeks and today i read a post on the "sync whole" about a film ive never seen "The last mimzy" which seemed to connect the dots.
It confirmed my suspicion that the white rabbits represent the vessel that travel through the stargates represented by (black top hats or spirals ) the rabbits represent the travelers that brings back and forth messages,articles ,and that have the ability to travel in time /space etc.

i've just read another post on the sync whole about the Jupiter finger (seems that just as "the last mimzy points" to the spiral being the stargate so does jupiters finger point the way to the stargate of accension.This remided me of the buddha finger , an ancient mudra referenced in kung fu films but also the spiral tribe pointing hand

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Thee Aliases ov JSteveKane

Today I was asked about my alias, its a throwback to the time I created my hotmail account and the DJ personna I was thinking of using at the time , I figured I could add a "D".
Other DJ names I used included; "The Refresher", "The Spirit Guides ", "Deckhard", "Replicant 23" , "Steve P Tribe" , "The Smurf" , "Zero B5", "Blue Five" , "Steve Skywalker" , "Steve J. K. and finally "J Steve Kane"
"JSteveKane" was a homage to the pioneering British breakbeat techno producer "JSAULKANE" who was at the forefront of early hardcore Breakbeat house/Drum & bass /Jungle alongside the likes of DJ Hype and Shut up and Dance. and the later jungle producer "Marvellous Kane" there's also a Big Daddy Kane resonance thrown in.
JSAULKANE/Depth Charge was renowned for his love of ,and overt use of both Kung Fu and Porn samples which I thought was all kind of cool. This predated the Wu Tang Clan doing a similar thing.
JSteveKane also reminded me of the character "Cain" from the seventies T.V. series "Kung Fu" which I loved as a kid and played by David Carradine who later stared in "Kill Bill" , which I love.
The "J" evokes Jedi ,Jaguar,Jesus, Jezedi & Judoka in addition to the "Dee Jay" .
At school my aliases were far less cool and kind of cruel the earliest being "Joe 90", I've always been a slim character and I remember the ridicule of being called an "Ethiopian" and a "Bean pole".
My skater friends in Bristol called me "Fiddler" along with my two brothers because my mum played the violin so collectively we were the "fiddlers three".
At Uni I was called "Bad Luck Steve" for a while after I passed out on my birthday behind a sofa and got locked in the bar after the close. I was given another nickname by a female friend from university who paid her tuition fees with money earned as a dominatrix.
I worked as a counsellor on a American summer camp in the early nineties where I was nicknamed "Wally" after the character in the "Where's Wally" books.
When I joined a Tai Chi/Kung Fu school a few years later The Master called me "White Steve" to differentiate me from Black Steve and Chinese Steve , that one is used to this day.Soon after my teacher opened his Temple in Old Street,I got a job in a nearby call centre.There I was nicknamed "Kung Fu Vicar" due to the second hand grey suit I wore and my interest in kung fu.
Since I began playing Capoeira I've had a few nicknames "Judas" (East London Capoeira), "Garibu" (Marron Capoeira) , "Alfinette" (Vitoria de Conquista ) "Estive" / "Steve Austin" "Courigitto"/"Korujito" / "Courigitto Sonhador" / "Monitor Steve" (Capoeira Angola Palmares) "Estive Palmares" / "E.S.P."
So who is the real me? or maybe they all are different parts of me, well there's new one now ;-)


Monday, 30 November 2009

White Rabbits

Part I
i've been seeing lots of white rabbits lately and they have a deep (unknown resonance for me) at the weekend I went to Bristol and my Neice showed me her favourite cuddly toy called "magic rabbit" (its white) I noticed last week the white rabbit on the titles to "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" , and how they sync'd with the white rabbits on a canvas poster near my home by clapton pond,
White rabbits are perhaps best know as the symbol of the magician or the play boy bunny and of course there's the white rabbit in Leis Carols "Alice" books,
i had a personal resonance with the white rabbit in the nineties when "Lord Sabre " form Sabresonic / Sabres of Paradise used the imagery ,this reated on me a few years later with in Donnie Darko, Robert Anton wrote a little about it in one of the cosmic trigger books i dont know what the symbolism means .Jungian / tarot reader please tell . Am i about to go down the rabbit hole again ?

Part II
I started this post on 30th November so was ammazed when the following morning my colleague at work told me about the expression"white rabbits white rabbits white rabbits" which it is apparently good luck to say on the first day of each month.A number of conversations have occured since then and i have been reminded of the resonances in my life of Brear Rabbit (the trickster) which my dad used to read to me as a child, the rabbits of watership down, the "grey" rabbit of bugs bunny and the sexy rabbit (hare) of the cadbury's caramel adds. Two films have been recommended to me "Who Frammed Rodger Rabbit" and "Harvey" a 50's film i've never heard of , like always the rabbit hole has shown me a whole new world.

Part III

"The pookah takes many forms, but is most famous when he appears as a giant, six-foot white rabbit - which is the form most Americans know from the play and film, Harvey. Whatever form the pookah takes, he retains the special ability of his species, which is like that of Thoth in Egyptian legend, Coyote in Native American myth or Hanuman the Divine Monkey in Hindu lore - he can move us from one universe, or Belief System, into another, and he likes to play games with our ideas about 'reality.''"
From Robert Anton Wilson's Cosmic Trigger Volume 2.

Sunday, 8 November 2009


Part 1

Recently a blog by Chris Knowles (The Secret Sun) drew my attention to the synchronicities between owls and psychic phenomena he noticed a correlation between people of my generation interested in synchronicity and whose mothers having an interest in Owls
This resonated with me because when I was a teenager my mother suggested to me I start an "owl collection" I wasn't that keen on the idea ,but my mother was clearly into it, she owned a green morris minor with the registration plate "owl" and had placed a little cuddly toy owl in the back windscreen,
she proceed to give me "owls" at every opportunity Christmas, birthdays on holiday etc. she would buy them in gift shops etc. I had china owls ,posters paintings mobiles, pencils, key rings etc. you name it ( my brothers were not exactly jealous cause they always new the extra present I got would be an owl)
I never though much of the significance apart from briefly when we studied a book entitled "the owl service" in English Literature .

I kind of forgot about owls after my mother passed on , more recently my Capoeria teacher gave me the nick name of "curugito" which i think means "owl" or little owl he also made some reference at the time to "Orco" from the "He man" cartoon , later he renamed me "curugito sonhador " the owl dreamer

When i first wrote this note while I was watching the qualifying in the Brazillian GP they showed an Owl sitting by the track , then the camera switch to one of the cars No 23 , The illuminati will know why i smiled
It wouldn't have warranted a note , but seconds later i received a flyer reminding me of the forthcoming Ugly Funk / Vinyl Pleasures "Last Revolution" party at the Foundry at which a friend "DJ wrongspeed" is playing at . I quickly Googled "DJ Wrongspeed" to see his latest podcast is entitled "A bad day for Owling Championships"

Part 2

Over Christmas i've been resonating the Blue cats ,Blue moons and Smurfs today i switched to Blue Owls and at the very moment a friend from work commented on my new profile pic it I saw an advert for centreparks featuring an owl .. anyone for a holiday ?

Part 3 August 2010

Just got back from a family holiday in Cornwall where my mothers line comes from, I noticed there is a place called the "Screech Owl Sanctuary " near Newquay and something was tugging at me to make a visit ( I didn't but I did go to Newquay) for the first time in years)

I very much relate Owls to my Mum (Rip) and spirits /aliens so it was interesting when I saw a post by Everett about their appearance in the film "the fourth kind" and ancient Sumerian culture references / native American culture references

White Wolves

I'd been aware for about a week or so that I'd been experiencing a succession of "white wolf" synchronicities. and Arrowsmith has a white wolf blog about it Today I was reading the latest post on the blog by Neil Kramer "The Cleaver" ( which included lots of images of wolves ) and no sooner had I finished than Shakira's new tune "She Wolf" came on MTV in the background.

I'm concious that far right White supremacist Facist/Nazi organisations (BNP/NF/EDL etc) have started to use White wolf symbolism just like they have tried to appropriate the history of Winston Churchill and take "ownership" of union jack etc.

Like the "K" Liberation Front my instinct is to challenge Far right organisations over ownership of language which should be common currency ( White Wolves, Were Wolves, Water World , Westwood, Way out West

I first became concious of the wolf archetype with the children's favourite "Little Red Riding Hood " in my mid teens I was exposed to the more "adult" versions of the tale and became more aware of sexual themes related to the archetype.Human sexuality unfettered, like and untrained dog can have dangerous consequences
Informational exchange with Agents ov thee 23rd current reintroduced the Wolf archetype to my conciousness in relation to "Sleeping Dogs" and the awakening of conciousness.
Energetic practise relating to the use chi or kundalini of energy to raise consciousness makes one aware of the uses of sexual energy in ways other than simple pleasures or making babies.
I think it's interesting the far right groups resonate with the wolf as I believe their "politics of hate" is a result not just of ignorance but a deep seated fear.
They hunt in packs preying on the vulnerable. Wolves like many dogs when hunting smell the fear and these far right political leaders do similar things smelling the fear in their potential recruits.
The Buddha and later Yoda said "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hatred and hatred leads to violence" and this is sadly a description of the activity of the far right
In Capoeira there's an expression "the lone wolf" for a player that for whatever reason doesn't have a group to call their own. For a while following injury I felt somewhat of a lone wolf but never really severed my ties with my group (East London Capoeira Angola Palmares ) and I'm glad to say I train a little bit again now . To me the wolf represents the awakening of conciousness , not the vicious hunter driven unconsciously by fear.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Big Blue Fence

Despite reading the current crop of synchromystic blogs about the Blue Entity ,It was only last week that realised the connection with The Big Blue Fence . The Big Blue Fence is a project I have had a fairly close relationship with for the past few years .The Big Blue Fence project started out as part of a larger community engagement project in East London ,the idea of the community engagement project was to hear the voice of ordinary Londoners , some talked of London hosting of the olympics in 2012 . How would it effect them? had they been consulted , what change would it bring to their communities. one such change was the Big Blue Fence that had been erected around the perimeter of the olympic site.I had a personal resonance with the Big Blue Fence as I used to live in a housing Cooperative called Clays Lane which was demolished to make way for the olympic village. Some of my friends were still living there when the compulsory purchase orders came through, some were rehoused, some were still waiting to be rehoused as the diggers began rolling in .Clays Lane had special memories for me.It was while living at Clays Lane that I experienced an awakening of sorts to a more personal understanding of my psycholgy & spirituality .At times I questioned whether this exerience was healthy or madness ,but thanks to some good friends who reaasured me I was not alone, just an psychik youth awakening and my martial arts school that ensured I was physically grounded , encouraged me to sing,dance ,to meditate and find balance .I took some crucial steps forward along my life path.The Big Blue Fence had now encircled my old home at Clays Lane / Temple Mills this was now the hallowed ground of the olympic site, and the Big Blue fence would serve keep the public out , My days at Clays Lane and the glimpses of paranioa I experienced there are mostly forgotten, occasionally something reminds me of those days , a recent interview with Rik Clay about his take on the 2012 olympics and the olympics site reminded me that digging to deeply too quick into the waters of magic and conspiracy can be a dangerous game Rik saddly took his life earlier this year.
The Big Blue Fence came to represent a blank canvas on which we could express our thoughts about life in Hackney. I felt like going down to the real Big Blue Fence and doing somme graffitii but I'm far too upstanding a cityzen to do that. best use the group work sessions of the Big Blue fence Project. The project evolved and an installation was produced for display at a local community festival ,on Well Street common E9 ,this developed further to the Interactive Installation displayed at Hackney Museum and the group work sessions that accompanied it .The installation is now on display at Walthstow Library where its continues to explore the wealth of Heritage in East London past and future .
The real Big Blue Fence has now largely been painted over with corporate art & advertising , the installation is on the move and constantly changing just like the trains that the writers in New York used to develop there "art" in the 80's where will the Blue Entity of Conciousness take us next , Look out theres Blue Cat about !

Sunday, 11 October 2009

The Big Chill

Sometimes you forget how much your behaviour is programmed by external factors eg advertising/marketing strategies.For most of 2009 I've been part of the "Big Delivery Project" a corporate partnership between the Big Issue and various other organisations ( my company included ) which has involved me distributing copies of the Big Issue to selected outlets. During this time I of course read the weekly copies and the regular articles on the Big Chill, by when my friend suggested we attend this year I assumed it was my decision ( I've know about the Big Chill Festival since its early days but never been to the festival ), I hadn't registered the tie in between the Big Issue and The Big Chill until the week before when I read that it was Big Issue sellers that were to be the selling the official programs at the Big Chill.
Despite embarrasssment at my realisation that I'm just another programmed drone I was looking forward to the Big Chill festival 2009, I hadn't been to a festival since the early nineties. The last time was Glastonbury the year "The Shamen" were at number one with "Ebenezer Goode" despite their pop success they played a sublime set of their classics and finished with "Re-evolution" a partnership with Terrance Mckenna whose voice echoed across the Vale of Avalon while a lazer hologram circle above us.
As I was looking forward to the Big Chill Festival 2009 I remembered all those years ago when the "Big Chill" was an underground party in London on a sunday afternoon designed for ravers to chill out ,I went a few times and remember "Angels of Disorder" "Nelson Dilation and the Pupils of Dilation" it was there I first heard Coldcut (live) , Hexstatic and the Jedi Knights ,there were always lots of Acid headz and some ruff jungle but good vibez.
Now London has the big Chill House , the Big Chill Bar and I hear a record label !
Highlights of this years Big Chill Festival were Orbital (the reunion) Bassment Jaxx ,Tom "the jedi" Middleton playing one of his legendary "one more tune sets" & the Next Men
My discovery of the festival (and one i only recommend to the extremely broadminded) was Chirs Cunnigham the A.V. artist behind Aphex Twins "Window licker" "Rubber Johnny" and "Flex"

Monday, 22 June 2009

Eckankar and the Justified Ancients of Mu

Eckankar ,The Justified ancient of Mu and Spiritual Protection

Part 1 - Eckankar & The Justified ancient of Mu

When I was offered a role as a “counsellor” on a summer camp for children from homeless families of New York city I was excited and a little uncertain what to expect.
This was to be my first experience of living and working in a foreign country however some of my experiences were stranger than others.
During the twelve weeks I worked on camp I was to have many rewarding and happy times with the children and other camp workers however I also experienced some problems. I was initially somewhat surprised at how different my own culture was to those of the children I was working with and my co-counsellor, Granted I did not have a language barrier to contend with but in those first few weeks there were moments where I felt quite isolated.
It was the early nineties and I was fresh out of university and the few cassettes I had packed in my bag were acid house music which was all the rage at the time in London. Unbeknown to me House music in New York was considered by most the preserve of the gay scene whereas Hip Hop R&B was the music of the black community and Rock & Pop the styles mostly consumed by white audiences American music markets are far more segregated along racial lines than in Britain.
Added to this my hair at the time was dyed blonde much like one my favourite DJ’s “ Mr C” of the Shamen. Some of my peers on camp put 2 and 2 together and made 5 concluding I was homosexual. This misjudgement was compounded by the fact I had been given a book of Celtic artwork by my parents the previous Christmas and was in the habit of doodling what I considered tribal designs. However some of my colleagues had the mistaken impression I was actually voodoo practitioner who listened do voodoo music even they realised my acid house tapes were not your average latino house.
As rumours of ”my sexuality” spread across camp while most of the staff kept their distance others ostracised me. Two members of staff the camp caretaker and his wife the dance teacher (who were themselves viewed with some suspicion) made efforts to befriend me.
As it transpired they were members of a religious group known as “Eckankar”
(widely perceived by many as a dangerous cult) They explained that Eckankar was
known as the religion of the light and sound of God and its spiritual teachings apparently had an ancient lineage. Eckankar they explained was led by the Living ECK master who taught them methods of spiritual cultivation. experienced Eckist’s practised “Soul Travel”. While asleep their Souls would travel to Golden temples where they would be instructed by Masters both alive and dead. Eckist’s kept dream diaries and often would receive notice of their graduation in the post following a meeting with their Eck master in their dreams. The most simple ECK practise was to chant “Hu” as a love song God.
I took their religious beliefs with a pinch of salt As I was somewhat aware of the activities of religious cults but was happy of their friendly disposition.
Some days after I had been introduced to their beliefs it was my day to host the camp radio station. There was some expectation around this event as most were aware I would not be playing the usually “R Kelly Naz and Wu Tang mix that was popular that summer.
I decided to wake the campers that morning with music by the “KLF” and the lyric “Lie down on the floor and keep calm.. This is Radio Freedom” followed by a volley of gunfire and plenty Of Mu Mu’s (The KLF are also known as the Justified ancient of Mu)
This I thought would hold particular appeal because as an encouragement to the kids to drink plenty of milk at breakfast their was a tradition that the first table to finish their jug of milk should make "Moo Moo" noises like a cow and be rewarded with a second Jug of milk .
There was some disagreement amongst staff as to whether this practise was counter productive due to the chaos that invariably ensued and the pressure on the younger children to drink their milk far too quickly. However kids loved it and the traditionalists had got their way.
That morning I arrived at breakfast sporting my Justified Ancients of Mu T-shirt to a chorus of "Moo Moo"
Later that afternoon two very concerned Eckist’s approached me with serious faces explaining they had need to talk to me privately. They explained that within Eckankar The religion of the light and Sound of God was ancient an ancient book of Sounds which can be thought of as the language of God some of these sounds having very powerful effect one such sound “Hu” which Eckist sing as a love song to God another word “MU” which is taught to only high level Eckist because of its destructive effects.
The Camp had unknowingly stumbled on this knowledge through the breakfast tradition of calling Moo. The disorder caused by the vibrations of the sound was evidenced in the children’s frenzied behaviour at breakfast and including the vomiting that often followed the over drinking . The Eckists explain that Lemura or Mu as it became known was in fact the lost continent of Atlantis which had fallen into the sea as a result of the vibrations caused by it inhabitants continually referring to it as Mu the Eckists explained it was important that I read some Eck books to get me up to speed ?

Part 2 - Eckankar & Spiritual protection

My new found popularity amongst the camp following my DJ slot on the radio was a relief but I was not popular with everyone.One co counsellor nicknamed "Buddha" (because he smoked allot of weed),who owned a lovely pair of Black and White Nike airs (as used in the 1st terminator film) and who was particularly homophobic, had decided gay people were not fit to work with children.
decided to use the camp custom of playing practical jokes on one another to hurt me ,he procured from the hardware store some very sharp taks and embedded them in my sleeping bag, know it was my habit at night to jump onto my bed in my cabin without turning the light on (which would wake the kids.) I cant emphasise the nasty injury this would inevitably cause .
I later learned He had told a number of my co counsellors about the joke who were all very uncomfortable about it but out of some sense of loyalty to their "brother" couldn't be seen to grass him up.
It was at this time the camp caretaker and dance teacher who had told me about Eckankar came to me and offered me a book about spiritual protection which they suggested I read.I began reading it and inevitably reciting the protection mantra.
That evening I attended supper with everyone as was customary ,there was a very weird atmosphere and people seem awkward with me I pulled one colleagues aside and asked what is going on and he explained that afternoon , one of my colleagues "Triceptor" who was particularly popular ,due to his charisma and the fact he was a young Basket Ball player for the New York Knicks on hearing of Buddhas plan had gained the courage and gone to the camp director and informed her of Buddha plan, Buddha had been dismissed , when I returned to my cabin all that was left of Buddha was his Nike Airs which were my size!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Into the Deep Blue Conciousness

A post by Black Dogs Star "The Blue One" , hit me like a poke in the third eye with a blunt instrument shedding new light on my own experience with the blue energy /entity and compelling me to write up this chronicle

I first began consciously resonating blue energy when the “National” petrol company did a Smurf promotion in the early eighties, like many others it was my first introduction to Smurfs and I was on holiday in my family in Ireland at the time so coincidentally it was also introduced to the leprechaun. Strange that back then I associated smurf with petrol (an polluting fossil fuel) whereas now they represent to me a greener Smurf consciousness.

The blue energy remained largely unconscious to me for many years until the early nineties when I began to hear about "project blue book" (the alien agenda) there was a seminal Radio 1 show at the time by Rob da Bank entitled “the Blue room” and I think the Orb did a song with the same name. I read Whitley Strieber’s “Communion” which describes the short stocky blue troll (Smurf like) aliens and underwent some near misses with extra terrestrial consciousness at Bear Mountain. I also became aware of the Hindu deities which are often represented with blue skin and became aware that my Celtic/druid ancestors also used to paint there skin blue ,to this day in the United Kingdom the royal family are referred to as having blue blood. Around the same time I began to resonate the Blue Cat, the seminal Drum and Bass Jungle techno label “Metalheadz” used a blue cat for its logo and I was introduced to little known “Magic Roundabout” feature film entitled “Dougal and the Blue Cat”, I began to resonate the Jaguar (another cat with a blue hue) courtesy of DJ Rolando “the Aztek Mystic,” while the musical blues continued with the Helicopter tune by Deep Blue and the number one song by Deep Blue Something.

The Smurfs came back into consciousness when the DJ team “The Jedi Knights” began to release new school electro on clear and I got back into break dancing “the Smurf" was a classic early 80 electro track. In an interview with the short lived Jedi Knights they talked about the internet as “an old school network” and remarked that the future is in “Lucid dreaming” possibly the first time I had heard of the concept.

They also mentioned they wanted to see a new smurf for the nineties, within days the "news of the world" featured spaceman smurf on the front cover and the song "Spaceman" by Babylon Zoo quickly went to number one with its “smurf vocals”, I visited an friend who I knew to be a magician and tarot reader to see that he had put Smurf stickers all around his mirror when I remarked on the coincidence he told me he had found them in a skip along with a Papa Smurf cuddly toy which he gave me.

The Smurfs came thick and fast, they released a computer game and album within weeks, including a great cover version of “I wanna be a hippy” I went to see the DJ/producer Roger Sanchez play the main room at The End (Roger S was stylin the white kangol at the time) in the lounge The Jedi Knights and Matthew “Bushwacka B” played possibly the best electro sets I’d ever heard. All that was missing was the Smurfette.

Within weeks Clays Lane threw one of its less infamous but no less memorable party’s, it was in fact a rather sedate barbeque. I went along in a newly purchased the shiny blue shirt and white Kangol. Imagine my shock when who else should turn up but a beautiful young lady dressed in a short mini dress of the same shiny blue material as my shirt and with flowing blonde hair.

The amazing synchronicities began to subside the blue energy faded into the background occasionally resurfacing "Remember me" by blue boy and again more recently went I learnt of the “ka-ohm” atom said to exist in the heart said to resonate the colour blue, is that the reason for the use of the colour blue for the heart chakra in Tibetan Buddhism.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Stormy Weather

I have recently being listening to the podcasts of aeolus kephas which inspired to me write up this blog. I have been meaning to chronicle these ideas for while.My love of rain storms and lightening developed as a child , when my parents used to take my brothers and I caravaning on a regular basis.
Years later I paid little attention when some of the first commercial raves I attended were Perception and Raindance , prior to that I been attending the free raves of Spiral Tribe ,Tribal Energy ,Circus Warp ...and its only now I remember that wonderful track by the little known Bristol based psychedelic rock band "The Seers" entitled "Lightning Strikes" or the Lightning seeds classic album
I first began to consider weather condition more seriously when i was going through a period of interest in Techno Shamanism and I had read "Thee Grey Book" by "Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth" and it prompted me to observe weather conditions, along with my dreams, what I want to eat, how to keep fit , who and how I wanted to love... around this time I was also very into DJ'ing and two key records in my collection were white labels by an outfit know as "Satin Storm." In these days of Media spin doctors the expression "whipping up a storm" is well understood ,but on a number of occasions for me it took on an alternative meaning. Perhaps the first was when my flat mate Krissy G invited invited the Pirate radio station "Rush FM" to broadcast from a studio in his bedroom, at first my other flatmate Johnny Jedi and I found this pretty Kool but ,the novelty soon began to wear off as a succession of dj's entered the house at all hours of the day and night leaving their rubbish in the hall and stairs and failing to close the door properly .Polite requests and notices to be considerate falling on deaf ears . While "Rush FM" were were churning out the drum and bass/jungle to the airwaves, J.J. and I retreated to the more underground tekno sounds of plink plonk records downstairs. While J.J. considered the occult significance of the lightning bolts on the plink plonk logo, I had recently received some plink plonk stickers so put one on the front door (which the pirates kept failing to close), imagine our surprise when shortly after i'd done this the radio station antennae was taken out by lightning solving the issue.
Johnny Jedi and myself Steve Skywalker began to go with the flow. i purchased a series of drum and bass records on Moving Shadow entitled "Storms from the East" our DJ names incidentally were inspired in part by another dynamic duo of Storm trooping Dj's "The Jedi Knights" producing tunes on clear records at the time and later on global communications . I had been fortunate enough to hear "the Jedi's DJ's down at "monk on fire" and began to ponder a new meaning to Whipping up a Storm as once again i was caught without a brolly in a downpour as i left.
Not long after, Johnny Jedi and I threw a moving house party which despite carefully planning took an unexpected turn when at the last minute I decided to make a slight change to the dj line up, shifting a certain female dj friend "peelee" to an earlier slot and my friend Horton Jupiter to later slot,Horton didn't take this well and decided to abandon the melodic tekno set he been planning and instead play a hard industrial set (to annoy me ?), but what even he hadn't foreseen , was the violent thunder storm that erupted as he took to the decks which shook clays lane to its very foundations .
I moved on from Clays Lane to Old Steet put dj'ing on the back burner as I studied Kung Fu and TAi Chi while living for a year at the Buddhist Temple of Supreme Hidden Thunder. My Kung Fu teacher was mixing eastern mantras with electronic sounds and got Friends Lovers and Family producer Phil Earl from Law & Auder to help produce the tracks ,we threw some launch parties for the records including a memorable one where my friend Alex Shaolin (deep played a mellow hip hop set on what was a warm summers evening in faringdon, Phil who was next on the roster brought a box of jungle tekno and as he stepped up to the wheels of steel the clouds gathered and within minutes the heaven s opened as thunder and lightening rained down to sound of a master at work. As the last of the razor sharp beats played out and Phil moved on ,as quickly as it had begun the skies cleared and and sun shone.
I love a little synchronicity ,to me its the essence of taoism and as I moved from Kung fu to Capoeira , I began listening and playing more and more live music , i even began to learn a little berimbau "the original single string instrument" and ( lightening conductor ) I will never forget the first public roda I attended in covent garden led by Master Ousado the roda went on for hours with many different London schools present the Capoeira was played in a variety of different styles but built to an acrobatic and competitive climax and the music led /followed the game ,as the light failed and the bodies tired the rhythms reached a final peak and as all good rodas do it ended in unison and the call of the berimbau. the crowd felt silent for and for a split second everyone held their breath ,then their was almighty clap of thunder and the crowds were scattered to the four corners as the lightning struck rain lashed down.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Oranges and Lemons says the bells of St Clemence and the Cult of Tango

At some point in the late eighties early nineties , The makers of Tango advertised Orange Tango with its "you know when you’ve been tango'd" catchphrase this had multiple meanings. One for the kids in the playground who mimic'd its head slapping antics with a craze that according to national newspaper had to be banned.
and another for me and perhaps other members of the exploding "rave scene" For us the "You know when you've been tango’d" catchphrase of Orange Tango had quite a different meaning! For me this alternative meaning was reinforced because my brother and I had been travelling up to London at the weekends for our dose of hardcore rave at the "Orange club"

I remember The Orange and Lemon Tango brands were popular at the raves of the time and the mental connection was strengthened in my mind by the words of the popular the rave anthem by "Liquid" entitled "sweet harmony" with its refrain "bitter sweet bitter sweet harmony" .

I've always resonated Oranges and Lemons due to my mothers maiden name "Clemence" which is my middle name, so the popular nursery rhyme "Oranges and Lemons says the bells of St Clemence." has always held a personal significance for me and even more so since I moved to live within the sound of bow bells.

As time past I had put my "raving days behind me " I had taken up martial arts and was being exposed to the Buddhist /Taoist teachings of my Master

It was around this time my mother who was devout Catholic Christian and involved in the Charismatic renewal movement told me all about the concept of an Easter advertising campaign around the concept of "J.I.M" (Jesus in me) , which might or might not have had some connection to the evangelical Christian movement and the "Holy trinity church" Brompton that was doing the Alpha course in the early days,

The "Jesus in Me" concept seemed harmonious to the Christian Buddhist movement, those Buddhist ‘s/ Christians that see Christ Conciousness as a state of conciousness comparable with the Buddha’s enlightenment or achieving union with the TAO

So when the following Easter in contrast to the "Jesus in Me" commercials the makers of Tango ran the "Cult of yellow tango commercial" my curiosity was peaked again , but I felt like it had special significance .In the commercials everyone in the yellow tango cult wore yellow robes and enjoyed peace and love and were followers of JIM.

This personal relevance was strengthened when i temporarily moved into the Buddhist temple of my Master sleeping on the floor of the "Yellow Dragon Centre" and attending Buddhist ceremonies where we regularly wore yellow robes.

The personal connection seem closer still because around the time the Yellow Tango commercials were aired I had been given a temporary job in a marketing agency that was doing some work for the "Blue Dragon" Chinese food brand and heard a great story (which involved black and white playboy bunnies and the two the guys that were responsible for the Tango campaign ( apparently one was black the other one white) this further resonated the Taoist nature of the philosophy) and seemed to mimic the Black and White Steve dynamic that was playing out at the Yellow Dragon centre.

To this day I seem to be the only person that obsesses about the meaning behind the commercials , years later they flirted with "green" campaign for Apple Tango and a purple campaign for blackcurrant tango and I noticed the other day, some new advertising for Orange Tango with added kick (ginger)

I not sure how much of the above is true and how much imagined but the cult will forever be alive in my dreams.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Black Dogs ,Elephants, Horton, the Moon and the Stars

I have just read The Black Dog Star's blog post entitled "RAW eggs " and was pondering my own resonances with the Black Dogs, Elephants, Horton Jupiter , The moon and the Stars
When I first discovered The Black Dog Star's blog I was reminded of the time I was hypnotised by a stage hypnotist and his "Black Hypno Dog" this coincided with some research on hypnosois as part of my Psychology degree around the same time I was listening to alot of tekno and the group "The Black Dog" were openly discussing occult themes I remember seeing them play live at "Vapoursapce" and was blown away by the Egyptian Black Dog statues on stage. but this wasn't half as freaky as the time a few years later I was given a lift home by my employer at The Brook Street employment agency in Holborn when I was forced to sit in the back of her convertible sports car with two Black Dobermans!
I started resonating the elephant when I went to a private secondary school in Bristol entitled Queen Elizabeths Hospital (QEH) it was commonly referred to as Queer Elephant's House by kids from other schools , prior to this my only resonance with the elephant was the Tarzan TV series and the classic Disney movie Dumbo which was the favourite of my younger brother for a while.
At the age of about twenty three ( a mere psychik youth ) while living at the infamous Clays Lane Housing Coop ,a neighbour and I threw a classic party we co designed the flyer which was a "Sacred Chao" with a Smurf sumperimposed (i was undergoing a Smurf obssesion at the time) and my neighbours input to the flyer design was to suggest we add an elephant to the design which seem to fit with the smurf/earth conscious vibe we wanted to promote. One of the guest dj's at the party was my friend "Horton Jupiter" one of the founding members of the Clays Lane Jedi Chapter (Click here for the full story). Horton now fronts "They came from the stars ...I saw them" those of you fammiliar with "The Stars" tongue in cheek channelling will get the connection with QEH . I had never heard of "Horton the Elephant" until reading Black Dog Star's post, a few years later I left Clays Lane and moved to old street where my Kung Fu teacher had opened a Buddhist Temple it here I was first introduced to Ganesh.
From Kung fu I moved to Capoeira and my Capoeira school "Capoeira Angola Palmares" has the moon and star as its emblem I have always wondered about the symbolism.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

The Robin / Probably a Robbery - Renegade Soundwave

Reading JK's post about synchs concerning the Robin
I was prompted to reply. I have resonated "The Robin" since I was a young child when my first ever football kit was the red and white of Bristol City (The Robins) which I supported.
I was unconscious of the Robin in classic "Robin of Sherwood" and "Batman and Robin" television series of my youth .
I lost the connection until I was much older when I was very into dj'ing and had my bike and many of my records "robbed" by "a friend" this event confirmed in my mind my Spiral Tribe status the stolen records, were now "illegal music" and I had the idea that the Spiral Tribe ethos contained within in it the concept communal living and perhaps even communal property,Spiral Tribe also resonated with me at least the idea of "nodes in cyclical time" and that positive outcomes can come about as a result of otherwise misfortunate events. The "Robbin" of my records prompted me to move house and my next home was to be a buddhist temple for 12 months( a life changing move ) I've had become aware that shamanic gifts (found items) while they can be magical and meaningful to the recipient have potential to be someone else's misfortune.
I imagined that stolen items might take on an energy and like a soul that wants to return to source, perhaps stolen items at the moment they are stolen begin a journey home. For me stolen records become can become particularly powerful by acting as kind of sonic tracking device (assuming they don't end up on the shelf or rubbish dump) stolen bikes evoke for me the similar idea and in some communities (e.g. Amsterdam and now London) bikes are good example of a communal property much like newspapers on a tube or property that belongs to an organisation.
It was around the time my records were robbed that I first listened to the radio 1 dj Rob da Bank on his Blue Room programme, not to be confused with the Kiss presenter Robin Banks, I could connect both these dj's to Banksy the stencil graffiti artist ( Banksy, Goldie 3D and Inkie all have a Bristol Barton Hill Youth Club/skateboard ramp connection ) and from banks to ,the Templars but that's another story......
Probably the only other significant robbery in my life was while I was in Brazil , I was staying in a guest house and while i'd been out my bags were robbed (probably an inside job) The main items stolen were a Bad Boy Capoeira T-shirt and the last of my Wagamama t-shirts ( these were the unofficial t-shirts of my kung fu school at the time ) we had no official t-shirts but had received a shamanic gift of a box of wagamama t-shirts ) sadly the t-shirts stolen from me in Brazil were intended as present for my Capoeira teachers Mestres Lazarao and Mestres No of Group Capoeira Angola Palmares .
The events surrounding the robbery were quite eventful, I had been sitting meditating in my hotel room when my rucksack mysteriously fell over , I found this strange so checked it to find I had been robbed of above items ,we notified the hotel that we were leaving and the reasons why (we suspected an inside job).By the time we had reached the end of the road we were arrested and accused of leaving without paying, only the intervention of lawyers from AFS Brazil and support from Mestre Lazarao avoided a night in the cells.

Friday, 13 March 2009

The Hardcore Continuum

Yesterday I listened to the Simon Reynolds "Hardcore Continuum" lecture .

I haven't had a chance to check out much of the debate it has generated, but it really resonated with me and reminded me how so many of these "new" genres were really dreamt up years previously where the the seeds were sown through fleeting moments in the mix of a DJ or live musician
how they germinated ,splinters in the minds eye of the ravers to be recreated on wax or cd days, weeks, even years later from the studios of the producers

and I started to think of my own personal journey the moment when i entered the the continuum , and its intersection with othere musical styles

Its (and my own) Evolution & FWD re-evolution

- Hardcore skate punk UK & US Early electro and rap
Hardcore Rave ( Bleep Beats and Bass)
-US Garage ,Acid House, Techno,
Drum & Bass
-Deep House ,Tribal House , Chicago House ,Detroit House ,Trance
-Hip/Hop , R&B
Speed Garage , 2 Step ,UK Garage , Breaks, Tech House
-Samba ,Pagode ,Axe
PSi Trance
Rio Funk, Crunk, Grime
-Dub Reggae
Funky and Bassline

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Oxum and Xango - Sandra and Steve - Oshun and Shango

Today my attention was drawn to the similarities between the descriptions of Oxum/Oshun and my wife (Love, Intimacy,Beauty ,Fiery Temper, Love of Cooking )I noticed she is the favourite wife of Xango/Shango and was drawn to the links with aspects of myself ( Xango the Sky God /my alias Skywalker) Xango ,God of Thunder, my longstanding interest and experiences around thunder & Lightning / (my Buddhist Temple is Temple of Hidden Thunder) Xango sounds like tango and i went through a period of obsession around the fruit drink tango and the dj tango, my wife loves the Tango

Does this makes sense to you ? What does it mean ?

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Tru Topi Tribe

T.O.P.I - ST A T E M E N T O V I N T E N T
Thee Temple ov Psychick Initiates (TOPI) exists to promote a system ov functional, demystified magick, utilising both pagan and modern techniques. It is a process ov individual and collective experimentation and research with no finite answers, dogmas or unchallengeable truths. It is for each to discover his or her own understanding ov thee questions that suggest themselves, and through that voyage ov discovery to find their personal and true identity, thee True Will.We are an organization of Individuals dedicated to updating and de-mystifying religious thought. We are also dedicated to creating a world where Individuals can be free to express themselves by whatever means they wish to. We wish to break Control at all levels. We experiment with whatever methods we can utilize to accomplish these goals - magick, technology, poetry, musick, whatever!As first steps towards change, we attempt to cultivate an awareness ov thee consequences ov our thoughts and actions, and to direct our energies in constructive directions. All this is done on thee understanding that our thoughts and behaviour form thee interface between our lives and thee lives ov others, and their repercussions are therefore endlessly returning.Awareness is consequently a requirement for our personal and collective survival and evolution. Still, we recognise that awareness itself is dependent on information, communication, and personal commitment. Our work is subsequently practical, exchanging models and methods we have found useful to ourselves. Thus we do not dictate, but rather focus on expanding thee available possibilities through thee cross-fertilisation ov suggestions, successes, and failures. And for us this is a full-time commitment, a continual process ov being, an endless myriad ov becomings.


Sunday, 15 February 2009

Dorje and Bell - synch

I had the following sync today , i was telling my wife how i wanted to buy myself a buddhist "Dorje and Bell" for my birthday ,she said aren't those things only for buddhist masters ? i said i thought not as i know at least three people who are not buddhist masters and own them , at that precise moment two of those three people rang me simultaneously on different phones and they are not people who ring me often !

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Merlin Christ Buddha & Synchronicity

Christ Buddha Merlin

I have been aware for a number of years that many statues of the buddha depict him/her in white and red robes, and was aware of the correspondence with the traditional image of Christ Jesus depicting "the Sacred Heart of Jesus" in which he wears white and red robes. So when creating a new "Merlin" myspace profile and choosing an image i was naturally drawn to the one depicting Merlin in white and red robes. I do not know the significance any ideas ?


I first became aware of the concept of synchronicity when I was about 18 and read "the Illuminatus" by Robert Anton Wilson ,I later read the Celestine Prophesy by James Redfield.
I was actually awakened to synchronicity by the 23 enigma in my early 20's ;-) I remember an incident with my girlfriend of the time we had been experimenting with "the coital alignment technique" and experienced what I can only describe as telepathy , at the height of the passion we looked at our clock it was 2:30am then my girlfriend looked at the Spiral Tribe poster on the wall and exclaimed "it's a 23!"
There are lots of explanations of the enigma but one of the rarest is it relationship to an African deity (whose name I don't know) that represents the strength and positivity than can arise from war and conflict. Perhaps this is similar to the concept of "breaking apart" in the I ching or the numerolgical explantion of 23 as a completion of a cycle (those experts on the tarot may be able to enlighten us.)

Sunday, 8 February 2009

The Groove,The Circus,Kats,Kings,The 888 & 55

Friday, February 29, 2008

Groove Rider Inside

Not many news stories touch me these days but this one has.
Not sure if I ever actually met Groverider. I used to shop in "da underground records" while I was at uni during the heady dayz of Rave. I used to hang around the shop for hours then buy one or two twelve inchs from Randall, Swanne, Hype or Flex . We never spoke much it was just head noddin to the mix.
The tunes i would later hear the likes of Rider play at the Orange club
I later desended into the spiral techno madness of psychik youth for a couple of years
after which I sorted me self out ,trained kung fu ,capoeira , danced salsa , got a normal job , a wife
Isn't it funny how your life can change in an instant , I try to look for the positive in things but sometimes when the 23's show up and the paranoia setz in its hard
"23rd November" booked to play "The Lodge"
hold it down man
till the good times roll again
Da J Steve Kane

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Stoke Fest & Bassline Circus

We went to The Advertigo show by Basslane Circus Last Night, good to see a young Circus Pushing things FWD
Best wishes to those of you going to Stokefest today
Sandra and I won't be in the "Capoeira" cause we're packing ready to move house later in the week but we'll be there in spirit

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

black cats

Yesterday as I was driving to work when I heard a new advert for "118 247" (yellow pages) It starts with that comedian fella talking to his supposed wife/girlfriend about the fact black cats were supposed to be lucky/unlucky.No sooner had he finished speaking these words when a black cat ran straight across the road in front of my car SPOOKY

Monday, June 04, 2007

Dreams become reality

Sunday Morning I had a vivid Dream , It was latest in a series of dreams I've been having from early childhood. For the abridged version lets say I attended a wonderful Rave at a kind of Circus, maybe it was located somewhere in a decaying margin of a huge urban metroplis in LA/Tokyo or LDN .
I awoke from the dream and said to my wife " I haven't been to a circus for ages I'd like to go to one, "
Sunday mornings I usually do a Martial Arts Class, The venues been a bit changeable of late so I called my teacher who said we were training in Highbury Fields, about an hour later I pulled up at the park in question only 5 mins from my house to see the Caravans & Big Top of the Chinese State Circus .

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The 8 8 8 - The Transit Kings and a Windmill in Brixton

On 08/08/2006 (8.8.8) a stargate opened which has enabled a group of extra terrestrials to contact us the inhabitants of planet earth and deliver a impulse of goodness of unimaginable importance. Like all good things that come to an end the gate will only be open for a limted period and will close again on 26/08/2006 (8.8.8.) reaching midpiont on 17/08/08 (8.8.8) Last Thursday (midpoint) I relayed this story the harmonic resonance with the 888 to some work colleagues who looked at me with some incredulity. My confidence dashed I busyied myself at work until I received an email from a nother friend advising me of an important short film I should watch regarding a coverup surrounding "911" I told him the significance of the days date to global peace his response was shock at the synchronicty as his 26th birthday is on 26/08/08 and he went away convinced I had been channeling extra terrestrials !This truly special day was not over yet .I had heard that the Super Group known as the Transit Kings ( comprised of some members of some of my favourites bands ) were having a secret gig the windmill Brixton. Upon telling my incredulous friends they said I bet it's not a real windmil !Suffice to say the Transit Kings rocked the windmall !I was left wondering "What is the magic in ones eyes thats makes them sparkle like the skies ? "and my wife returns to UK on the 26/08/08

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Haunted Dancefloor

Just checked out a blog by K Punk who writes on dissensus where Kode 9 and Blackout post messages. I have been mighty impressed with The Digital Mystikz, Burial ,Vex'd etc since Sid gave me that Skull Disco flyer down at the Dub Station (Cloak and Dagger)
The very next day i got surfin hit the Breezeblock and flipped over to the short on BBC DNA
I'm so diggin the write up on The Burial ,Is it really haunted dancefloor time again ? I'm Almost scared to buy it !
"Meditate on bass weight" they say "Perfect Music Perfect Balance" thats DMZ ,Subloaded and Essence of Chi, three I've missed in as many weeks
JSK always chasin dreams

Capoeira Angola , The Dannce of the Zebra and the 55 Bus

While many of its roots are plain to see the history of Capoeira is complex and there are conflicting stories regarding its origins many of which were probably true for different moments in time.One of the lesser known stories is capoeira relation to the Dance of the Zebra "N'Golo" a fertility ritual that survives to this day in Africa where the young eligible menof the tribe "dance" and the winner chooses his bride.This story has to particular resonance to me because of how i met my wife.
My Capoeira Mestre was performing a demonstration at a Brazillian themed night at the Havanna night club in centraal london and his students were invited to assist ,during the roda my mind was focused on the pperformance but i couldn't help noticing the pretty girl in the audience,being a sunday evening i left the club soon after the performance had finished due to work committments the next day,but as luck would have it who was sitting at the bus stop but the same girl,Her english was rudimentary much like my protuguese but we struck up conversation and while waiting for the same 55 bus so hopped on together, we chatted so much i actually missed my stop,we swapped phone numbers and our first date was church where we were suitable chaperoned,the rest they say is herstory