Sunday, 2 November 2014


I recently experienced a sync flap around the subject of "Angels" which began when I took my son to buy a halloween costume at a shop called "Angels". Secondly I met somone called "Angel" and thirdly a colleague at work mentioned "Angels" to me confirming the synchronicity.
I come from a "catholic" background so have a fairly orthodox concept of Angels (Michael,Gabriel etc), that of the Abrahamic religions ie Angels as messengers of God / instruments of God's will,also that Angrls are generally benevolent, although that doesn't prevent them having a protective function (as inGuardian Angels) or even a wrathful/punitive function eg Azrael.
As I write this post I note the date Nov 2nd (celbrated as all Saints day by catholics) Nov 1st is all hallows ( all souls) October 31st being Halloween (all hallows eve) which brings to mind "Angels and Demons" and the age old battle played out on the world stage and perhaps invidually in our own lives on a psychological level.. "as above so below."