Friday, 7 October 2011

Wilheim Reich - Orgone

Lately I have found myself resonating Wilheim Reich and Orgone energy again, I was first introduced to Wilheim Reich while studying a Pscyhology degree at U.E.L. Yes I was doing the obligatory Freudian Psychoanalysis modules ,but it was a neighbour DJ Orgone that introduced me to Reich, I didn't pay a huge amount of notice at the time as he alerted me to various other things which took more of my attention, DJ Orgone had built some orgone accumilators which we positioned at various house partys ( I wonder how much effect they really had ;-) but Reich's writing faded into the background, I became interested again (ever so slightly) a few years later when I took up tai chi , concious of the similarities between "orgone" and "chi" .
Then a few years later I finally read Robert Anton Wilson "Cosmic Trigger" in which he mentions Reich.I still havent read R.A.W.s "Wilheim Reich in Hell".
A couple of months ago I was lent two D.V.D.'s on the same weekend, one was a conspiracy theory thing about Beyonce, Jayzee which started off fairly run of the mill then got increasing homophobic and nasty, the other was about a group of Neo Reichian anarchists in Brazil and something they called "Soma therapy" which uses Capoeira ( which I now practise) as part of the group therapy.
So that brings us up to date I had just reread "Cosmic Trigger" and an old Capoeira mate posted the following link on facebook , while I have long overdue mix session with DJ Orgone planned this weekend.