Sunday, 8 January 2012

K Resonance

Lately I have been experiencing a lot of synchronicity around the letter “K”

K is Knowledge, Knowledge is Power, Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

My name is Stephen which is the Greek for crowned one or "King" An early 2 K was my realisation of this Knowledge in relation to the horror writer Stephen King

K is the 11th letter of the alphabet , represents the number 1000 and "Y2K" came to refer to the year 2000 which Jake Kotze has blogged about at his blog

Another 2 K is Krishna Konciousness which isn't a massive jump away from Khrist Konciousness (for the more Gnosticlly minded)

Perhaps the first Triple K that came into my consciousness was the K.K.K. which I heard about as a child. It was around this time i became aware of the evil that men do.The K.K.K. epitomises this and I have been fighting a battle ever since against the racism bigotry and intolerance they represent and that the letter K often evokes for me, A milestone for me in reclaiming the language was the work the by the K.L.F ( Kopyright Liberation Front, K Foundation, Kings of Low Frequency )this concept could be understood in a similar way to that where some Gays refer to themselves as "Queers" or some "African Americans" refer to themselves as "Niggas" The theory being that by reclaiming the use of the language its takes the sting out of the words that had previously be tainted with negative connotations by "Haters"

Many suggest the KKK got its name came from the Greek word Kuklos meaning circle so it essentially meant Circle of Brothers ( which in itself is not a "bad" name )
Then by modelling itself on the Knights Templar attempting to create for itself a historical legitimacy for its twisted views

It was the K.L.F that first introduced me to the "Illuminati" meme and the idea that the Illuminati is made up of different factions fighting for dominance this resonates with another "K" Tupac's "K'illuminati"

I also associate the triple K with The Three Kings/The Three Wise Men/Three Magii found in the Bible.

My third and final triple K is the "Kit Kat Klub" a Techno/Trance club in Germany famous for its wild parties its name was inspired by a club of the same name in London at the turn of the century which was renowned for Progressive Libertarian Political thinking