Sunday, 13 December 2009

White Rabbits, Spirals and the Jupiter Finger

I've recently written aboutthe salience of White Rabbits and Spirals in my conciousness these past few weeks and today i read a post on the "sync whole" about a film ive never seen "The last mimzy" which seemed to connect the dots.
It confirmed my suspicion that the white rabbits represent the vessel that travel through the stargates represented by (black top hats or spirals ) the rabbits represent the travelers that brings back and forth messages,articles ,and that have the ability to travel in time /space etc.

i've just read another post on the sync whole about the Jupiter finger (seems that just as "the last mimzy points" to the spiral being the stargate so does jupiters finger point the way to the stargate of accension.This remided me of the buddha finger , an ancient mudra referenced in kung fu films but also the spiral tribe pointing hand

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Thee Aliases ov JSteveKane

Today I was asked about my alias, its a throwback to the time I created my hotmail account and the DJ personna I was thinking of using at the time , I figured I could add a "D".
Other DJ names I used included; "The Refresher", "The Spirit Guides ", "Deckhard", "Replicant 23" , "Steve P Tribe" , "The Smurf" , "Zero B5", "Blue Five" , "Steve Skywalker" , "Steve J. K. and finally "J Steve Kane"
"JSteveKane" was a homage to the pioneering British breakbeat techno producer "JSAULKANE" who was at the forefront of early hardcore Breakbeat house/Drum & bass /Jungle alongside the likes of DJ Hype and Shut up and Dance. and the later jungle producer "Marvellous Kane" there's also a Big Daddy Kane resonance thrown in.
JSAULKANE/Depth Charge was renowned for his love of ,and overt use of both Kung Fu and Porn samples which I thought was all kind of cool. This predated the Wu Tang Clan doing a similar thing.
JSteveKane also reminded me of the character "Cain" from the seventies T.V. series "Kung Fu" which I loved as a kid and played by David Carradine who later stared in "Kill Bill" , which I love.
The "J" evokes Jedi ,Jaguar,Jesus, Jezedi & Judoka in addition to the "Dee Jay" .
At school my aliases were far less cool and kind of cruel the earliest being "Joe 90", I've always been a slim character and I remember the ridicule of being called an "Ethiopian" and a "Bean pole".
My skater friends in Bristol called me "Fiddler" along with my two brothers because my mum played the violin so collectively we were the "fiddlers three".
At Uni I was called "Bad Luck Steve" for a while after I passed out on my birthday behind a sofa and got locked in the bar after the close. I was given another nickname by a female friend from university who paid her tuition fees with money earned as a dominatrix.
I worked as a counsellor on a American summer camp in the early nineties where I was nicknamed "Wally" after the character in the "Where's Wally" books.
When I joined a Tai Chi/Kung Fu school a few years later The Master called me "White Steve" to differentiate me from Black Steve and Chinese Steve , that one is used to this day.Soon after my teacher opened his Temple in Old Street,I got a job in a nearby call centre.There I was nicknamed "Kung Fu Vicar" due to the second hand grey suit I wore and my interest in kung fu.
Since I began playing Capoeira I've had a few nicknames "Judas" (East London Capoeira), "Garibu" (Marron Capoeira) , "Alfinette" (Vitoria de Conquista ) "Estive" / "Steve Austin" "Courigitto"/"Korujito" / "Courigitto Sonhador" / "Monitor Steve" (Capoeira Angola Palmares) "Estive Palmares" / "E.S.P."
So who is the real me? or maybe they all are different parts of me, well there's new one now ;-)