Monday, 30 November 2009

White Rabbits

Part I
i've been seeing lots of white rabbits lately and they have a deep (unknown resonance for me) at the weekend I went to Bristol and my Neice showed me her favourite cuddly toy called "magic rabbit" (its white) I noticed last week the white rabbit on the titles to "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" , and how they sync'd with the white rabbits on a canvas poster near my home by clapton pond,
White rabbits are perhaps best know as the symbol of the magician or the play boy bunny and of course there's the white rabbit in Leis Carols "Alice" books,
i had a personal resonance with the white rabbit in the nineties when "Lord Sabre " form Sabresonic / Sabres of Paradise used the imagery ,this reated on me a few years later with in Donnie Darko, Robert Anton wrote a little about it in one of the cosmic trigger books i dont know what the symbolism means .Jungian / tarot reader please tell . Am i about to go down the rabbit hole again ?

Part II
I started this post on 30th November so was ammazed when the following morning my colleague at work told me about the expression"white rabbits white rabbits white rabbits" which it is apparently good luck to say on the first day of each month.A number of conversations have occured since then and i have been reminded of the resonances in my life of Brear Rabbit (the trickster) which my dad used to read to me as a child, the rabbits of watership down, the "grey" rabbit of bugs bunny and the sexy rabbit (hare) of the cadbury's caramel adds. Two films have been recommended to me "Who Frammed Rodger Rabbit" and "Harvey" a 50's film i've never heard of , like always the rabbit hole has shown me a whole new world.

Part III

"The pookah takes many forms, but is most famous when he appears as a giant, six-foot white rabbit - which is the form most Americans know from the play and film, Harvey. Whatever form the pookah takes, he retains the special ability of his species, which is like that of Thoth in Egyptian legend, Coyote in Native American myth or Hanuman the Divine Monkey in Hindu lore - he can move us from one universe, or Belief System, into another, and he likes to play games with our ideas about 'reality.''"
From Robert Anton Wilson's Cosmic Trigger Volume 2.

Sunday, 8 November 2009


Part 1

Recently a blog by Chris Knowles (The Secret Sun) drew my attention to the synchronicities between owls and psychic phenomena he noticed a correlation between people of my generation interested in synchronicity and whose mothers having an interest in Owls
This resonated with me because when I was a teenager my mother suggested to me I start an "owl collection" I wasn't that keen on the idea ,but my mother was clearly into it, she owned a green morris minor with the registration plate "owl" and had placed a little cuddly toy owl in the back windscreen,
she proceed to give me "owls" at every opportunity Christmas, birthdays on holiday etc. she would buy them in gift shops etc. I had china owls ,posters paintings mobiles, pencils, key rings etc. you name it ( my brothers were not exactly jealous cause they always new the extra present I got would be an owl)
I never though much of the significance apart from briefly when we studied a book entitled "the owl service" in English Literature .

I kind of forgot about owls after my mother passed on , more recently my Capoeria teacher gave me the nick name of "curugito" which i think means "owl" or little owl he also made some reference at the time to "Orco" from the "He man" cartoon , later he renamed me "curugito sonhador " the owl dreamer

When i first wrote this note while I was watching the qualifying in the Brazillian GP they showed an Owl sitting by the track , then the camera switch to one of the cars No 23 , The illuminati will know why i smiled
It wouldn't have warranted a note , but seconds later i received a flyer reminding me of the forthcoming Ugly Funk / Vinyl Pleasures "Last Revolution" party at the Foundry at which a friend "DJ wrongspeed" is playing at . I quickly Googled "DJ Wrongspeed" to see his latest podcast is entitled "A bad day for Owling Championships"

Part 2

Over Christmas i've been resonating the Blue cats ,Blue moons and Smurfs today i switched to Blue Owls and at the very moment a friend from work commented on my new profile pic it I saw an advert for centreparks featuring an owl .. anyone for a holiday ?

Part 3 August 2010

Just got back from a family holiday in Cornwall where my mothers line comes from, I noticed there is a place called the "Screech Owl Sanctuary " near Newquay and something was tugging at me to make a visit ( I didn't but I did go to Newquay) for the first time in years)

I very much relate Owls to my Mum (Rip) and spirits /aliens so it was interesting when I saw a post by Everett about their appearance in the film "the fourth kind" and ancient Sumerian culture references / native American culture references

White Wolves

I'd been aware for about a week or so that I'd been experiencing a succession of "white wolf" synchronicities. and Arrowsmith has a white wolf blog about it Today I was reading the latest post on the blog by Neil Kramer "The Cleaver" ( which included lots of images of wolves ) and no sooner had I finished than Shakira's new tune "She Wolf" came on MTV in the background.

I'm concious that far right White supremacist Facist/Nazi organisations (BNP/NF/EDL etc) have started to use White wolf symbolism just like they have tried to appropriate the history of Winston Churchill and take "ownership" of union jack etc.

Like the "K" Liberation Front my instinct is to challenge Far right organisations over ownership of language which should be common currency ( White Wolves, Were Wolves, Water World , Westwood, Way out West

I first became concious of the wolf archetype with the children's favourite "Little Red Riding Hood " in my mid teens I was exposed to the more "adult" versions of the tale and became more aware of sexual themes related to the archetype.Human sexuality unfettered, like and untrained dog can have dangerous consequences
Informational exchange with Agents ov thee 23rd current reintroduced the Wolf archetype to my conciousness in relation to "Sleeping Dogs" and the awakening of conciousness.
Energetic practise relating to the use chi or kundalini of energy to raise consciousness makes one aware of the uses of sexual energy in ways other than simple pleasures or making babies.
I think it's interesting the far right groups resonate with the wolf as I believe their "politics of hate" is a result not just of ignorance but a deep seated fear.
They hunt in packs preying on the vulnerable. Wolves like many dogs when hunting smell the fear and these far right political leaders do similar things smelling the fear in their potential recruits.
The Buddha and later Yoda said "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hatred and hatred leads to violence" and this is sadly a description of the activity of the far right
In Capoeira there's an expression "the lone wolf" for a player that for whatever reason doesn't have a group to call their own. For a while following injury I felt somewhat of a lone wolf but never really severed my ties with my group (East London Capoeira Angola Palmares ) and I'm glad to say I train a little bit again now . To me the wolf represents the awakening of conciousness , not the vicious hunter driven unconsciously by fear.