Friday, 30 December 2011

Mr C , Cyclone's / Psi Clones & C Conciousness

Many years ago the DJ Mr C who was then part of the band "the Shamen" was a part of a techno rave movement that inspired me read about shamanism , meditation etc

as a DJ and musician Mr C stood the test of time creating Plink Plnk and later the End.

Around the same time I remember a friend told me about a "dream" experienced by the DJ Nik Sequenci which involved "The Knights of the round table" reincarnated as a dj's to protect an Arthur/Merlin figure, this idea always stuck in my mind

Mr C ran a club for a while call "Cyclone" and always like the wordplay on Cyclone /Psi clone

also also had a mix tape by him called "Deep C"

The "C" also resonates the scientlogists state of "clear"

and a more mainstream Christ / Cosmic Conciousness

Friday, 7 October 2011

Wilheim Reich - Orgone

Lately I have found myself resonating Wilheim Reich and Orgone energy again, I was first introduced to Wilheim Reich while studying a Pscyhology degree at U.E.L. Yes I was doing the obligatory Freudian Psychoanalysis modules ,but it was a neighbour DJ Orgone that introduced me to Reich, I didn't pay a huge amount of notice at the time as he alerted me to various other things which took more of my attention, DJ Orgone had built some orgone accumilators which we positioned at various house partys ( I wonder how much effect they really had ;-) but Reich's writing faded into the background, I became interested again (ever so slightly) a few years later when I took up tai chi , concious of the similarities between "orgone" and "chi" .
Then a few years later I finally read Robert Anton Wilson "Cosmic Trigger" in which he mentions Reich.I still havent read R.A.W.s "Wilheim Reich in Hell".
A couple of months ago I was lent two D.V.D.'s on the same weekend, one was a conspiracy theory thing about Beyonce, Jayzee which started off fairly run of the mill then got increasing homophobic and nasty, the other was about a group of Neo Reichian anarchists in Brazil and something they called "Soma therapy" which uses Capoeira ( which I now practise) as part of the group therapy.
So that brings us up to date I had just reread "Cosmic Trigger" and an old Capoeira mate posted the following link on facebook , while I have long overdue mix session with DJ Orgone planned this weekend.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

"Shaolin or Wu Tang" "Regional or Angola"

This weeks riots in London have impacted on me deeply, I believe there have been multiple causes, but I think many of the perpetrators have rioted in attempt to assert some sort of control, whether they have done so because they felt social injustice, boredom, disempowerment or simple greed.

20 years ago I might have joined them on the demo and I might have joined in the looting (shock horror) for me it was Martial Arts that helped me empower myself ( The truth is I dont think I am that much tougher a person than I was twenty years ago) but practising martial arts has taught me many other things about myself I had not anticipated; my limitations, my capabilties, it has taught me about hierarchy and group organization, it has taught me about teamwork and loyalty , it has taught me humility, how to be assertive ( if necessary), how to relax, to pick my fights carefully and my role models and teachers even more so.

a Master once said " in the old academies you never really know who the Master is, it might be the person you least expect like the one mopping the floor" the lesson is , we can all and should learn from each other

Thanks to all who have helped me on my journey Masters and students all

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Skate like a man - Off the beaten track - Culture Shock

The attached image has been a favourite of mine for years

I first encountered the image as a kid (when i was a skater) in the adverts of "Thrasher magazine" for the skateboard manufacturers "Skate like a man" i also remember "pigdog" commenting on the adverts with relish!

Years later i encountered it again when i moved to London it was the era of Spiral Tribe and the image was used for a flyer promoting a swanky west end "house" club entitled "Culture shock" which was a far cry from the hardcore raves i was used to.It was in this era that i was using the logo myself for some t-shirts and a mix tape. In recent years i have noticed it being used (with the addition of a surfboad) as the logo for "Off the beaten track" a surf shop in St Ives. I chatted to the owner of the shop this week and he told me its an Aztek symbol - my resonance with The Aztek is chronicled elsewhere.....

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


There have been two organisations to use the title U.R. that i have encountered over the years the first a band of intestellar fugitives I came into contact with through the Techno music emanating from an operational base somewhere in Detroit the "Underground Resistance".

The second disparate band of folk who practice their "Urban Ritual" in East London and beyond Capoeira - the Dance of Warriors!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Promise, Loyalty, Truth

Which of these values is most important ? In what order would you choose to prioritise them ? is such an abstract question absurd ?

Today I chose to put Truth first ,Loyalty second and a Promise third

Thursday, 24 February 2011

C's in my Conciousness

Today after a conversation about "Clears" in Scientology i started to experience C's on my conciousness.

The first has a connection to a blog I posted sometime ago entitled "The Deep Blue C" (Conciousness)
( note for readers of "the above", the organisers of the 2011 census have acknowledged they are expecting a signifant number of people to record "Jedi" as their religious affiliation )

Heres are some of todays "C's"

The Sea Org

The C of the 2011 Census

The Christ/Cosmic Conciousness

Sunday, 6 February 2011

White Rabbits, Boomtown Rats, Yellow Dragons, Flying Stars & Lion Dancing

This week my Tai Chi Kung Fu school "Yellow Dragon Fist" were invited to perform a Lion Dance live for the BBC's "Chinese New Year" edition of their Flagship "One Show" show, Chinese new year is always a busy time for the school with invitations to Lion Dances and alterations to the Feng Shui required (my Master is a Practioner of Flying Star Feng Shui.)
Despite various obstacles (including the car breaking down) we arrived at Television centre in good time and met Chris Evans dressed as a White Rabbit and Sir Bob Geldof the Boomtown Rat in time for the show. This was in fact my first ever time to do a Lion Dance usually I play the drum or cymbals but all went well and a link to the performance on The One Show can be found here

Friday, 28 January 2011

Clowndestine Occurences

This week the darker side of clowns reentered my consciousness when a work colleague who had been read Stephen King’s “It” ( featuring the evil clown ”Pennywise” who uses balloons to tempt his child victims) was freaked out by the synchronous appearance of balloons in his back garden. This was followed up by a number of balloon and clown syncs in quick succession. Like one does when bamboozled by synchronicity he shared the experience and of course the meme was passed on, I went home to see an article on T.V about an undercover UK policewoman who infiltrated a non violent direct action environmentalist group called the Clandestine Rebel Clown Army (there’s a lot of stuff on undercover police work about in the media at the moment)

The dark side of clowns first entered my consciousness as a kid when my parents used to enter my brothers and I in an annual carnival in my mothers hometown. For the first few years we dressed in cool costumes as grenadier guards ,knights of the round table and snow white and the seven dwarves, the first year i didn't really like the costumes was when we dress as black and white French Peirot clowns, I had always associated the clown with the red nose circus big top variety and typified the commercial arena Ronald Mcdonald.I had never thought of a dark side.

In my teens I read “It” watched the film and became aware of the “psycho clown” typified by Penny wise and the Joker of Batman. and even fantasied about being a pro skateboarder with my own model of skateboard with a killer clowns design.

It wasn’t until much later I made the connection with the Court Jester / The Joker in the modern deck of playing card who is represent by the Fool in the Tarot.

My knowledge of the symbolism of "The Fool" is limited but I understand he can represents the querant at the beginning of their journey to enlightenment but also the querant at the end of the journey having achieved enlightenment and a new found playful freedom bringing the querant full cirle

For more on the trickster or sacred clown click here

Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Jeronimo's - Master and Professor

over ten years ago i met a famous Brazillian capoeira Master named Jeroimo who now teaches Capoeira in Australia ,I did a workshop with him and always regreted not buying his book "Capoeira - A Slave Ritual"

more recently another Brazillian Capoeira teacher named Jeronimo entered our circle as a blue belt "Proffessor" I didnt take adavantage of his classes as perhaps i could of and now it seems he may be moving on.

Is there a pattern repeating here ?

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Tarra Xinha - Green Tara

So you know what its like when you go on holiday and a sound track presents itself

Kizoumba has been on the horizon for a while now (courtesy of Sandra and Aaron) and i'm not sure how close the rythmms of Tarra Xinha are .The Fam in Brazil were referring to Tarra Xinha as "Forro" , but that category is so wide its meaningless to me.

It also struck me as having an oriental twang so reminded of me off Green Tara

so anyway here's a Tarra Xinha track for your delight