Friday, 6 July 2012


Lately I have been thinking a lot about snakes and what they represent . In Christian tradition the snake represent Satan that tempted Eve to eat from the fruit of knowledge ,thereby making the first choice of free will and contary to the Divine will , this fall from Eden or paradise was simultaneously a realisation of good and evil and hence a moment of enlightenment The snake in some eastern traditions represents the kundalini energy that rises up the spine from the lower chakra to the crown to enlighten/illuminate the yoga practioner In Kung Fu, the real purpose of which is perhaps to achieve self mastery/enlightenment the snake is traditionally one of the mythical "five animals" The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol of a snake eating its own tail. Lately I have become aware of the very fluid movements of some Martial artists who move around each other in similar way to the way a snakes move, this is particularly noticeble on in some Jujitsu or Capoeira fights. David Icke's views on "reptilians are fairly well known.I think they is sometimes taken a too literally,Certainly in the physiology of the human brain confirms we all have the reptilian/mamalian sections which developed a different stages of our evolution.Perhaps we differ to the extent our behaviour is determined by our physiology. A face friend sent me this link which puts a postive spin on the whole reptilian question. ,