Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Lighthouse Family

My mother came from a small town in Cornwall located nr St Ives and as a child each summer we would go to the beach of St Ives Bay ,with miles of golden sands, beautiful blue seas and a wonderful view of Godrevy Lighthouse. In my teens I learnt to surf at St Ives bay and one summer enjoyed the simple pop music of "The Lighthouse Family" by the time I attended university I was slightly disconnected from my Cornish roots and one summer was invited by two sisters to visit their family in the town of Thurso in Scotland to surf some Scottish waves , imagine my surprise after I had travelled all the way to the tip of Scotland to enter the living room of their parents house and see an painting (painted by their dad) of St Ives Bay and Godrevy Lighthouse.
The lighthouse meme left again until it returned a few years ago courtesy of the Transit Kings with their single "The Last Lighthouse Keeper "

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Tiger Style

I have been experiencing a "Tiger flap" the last few days which began went i caught up with a mate who a mutual friend has nicknamed "Tiger".I was asking if he had heard the dubstep/grime producers "True Tiger" who have recently been given a late night show Friday night/Saturday morning on Kiss.
I started resonating "Tigers" in a big way a couple of years ago in (the year of the tiger) when my son was born and my neice and nephew took a photo of him as a new born next to a cuddly toy of "Tigger" from Winnie the Poo" every few months they would measure him in units of "Tigger" ,Prior to that I had only a vague interest in the meaning of tiger symbolism. The obvious ones being the used of the tiger by "Esso" and the "eye of the tiger" in the rocky films I wondered about the meaning of crouching "tiger hidden dragon"
My recent cluster of Tiger syncs deepened when i was competing with my son to access my computer and noticed "Cosmic Tigger" had made a post referencing the Tiger in " The life of Pi" at I hadn't had a chance to read it when my son pulled up the webpage for Kellogs Frosties with its animated Tiger. This minor sync gave me the motivation for a blog post of my own and as I logged on to compose it what was the first image I saw but the one I have attached which had been shared on facebook by a work colleague.I had never seen the different breeds of tigers alongside each other like this in a photo and it seem to mirror my discovery a day earlier that there are in fact two varieties of tiger balm on sale red and white.