Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Tru Topi Tribe

T.O.P.I - ST A T E M E N T O V I N T E N T
Thee Temple ov Psychick Initiates (TOPI) exists to promote a system ov functional, demystified magick, utilising both pagan and modern techniques. It is a process ov individual and collective experimentation and research with no finite answers, dogmas or unchallengeable truths. It is for each to discover his or her own understanding ov thee questions that suggest themselves, and through that voyage ov discovery to find their personal and true identity, thee True Will.We are an organization of Individuals dedicated to updating and de-mystifying religious thought. We are also dedicated to creating a world where Individuals can be free to express themselves by whatever means they wish to. We wish to break Control at all levels. We experiment with whatever methods we can utilize to accomplish these goals - magick, technology, poetry, musick, whatever!As first steps towards change, we attempt to cultivate an awareness ov thee consequences ov our thoughts and actions, and to direct our energies in constructive directions. All this is done on thee understanding that our thoughts and behaviour form thee interface between our lives and thee lives ov others, and their repercussions are therefore endlessly returning.Awareness is consequently a requirement for our personal and collective survival and evolution. Still, we recognise that awareness itself is dependent on information, communication, and personal commitment. Our work is subsequently practical, exchanging models and methods we have found useful to ourselves. Thus we do not dictate, but rather focus on expanding thee available possibilities through thee cross-fertilisation ov suggestions, successes, and failures. And for us this is a full-time commitment, a continual process ov being, an endless myriad ov becomings.


Sunday, 15 February 2009

Dorje and Bell - synch

I had the following sync today , i was telling my wife how i wanted to buy myself a buddhist "Dorje and Bell" for my birthday ,she said aren't those things only for buddhist masters ? i said i thought not as i know at least three people who are not buddhist masters and own them , at that precise moment two of those three people rang me simultaneously on different phones and they are not people who ring me often !

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Merlin Christ Buddha & Synchronicity

Christ Buddha Merlin

I have been aware for a number of years that many statues of the buddha depict him/her in white and red robes, and was aware of the correspondence with the traditional image of Christ Jesus depicting "the Sacred Heart of Jesus" in which he wears white and red robes. So when creating a new "Merlin" myspace profile and choosing an image i was naturally drawn to the one depicting Merlin in white and red robes. I do not know the significance any ideas ?


I first became aware of the concept of synchronicity when I was about 18 and read "the Illuminatus" by Robert Anton Wilson ,I later read the Celestine Prophesy by James Redfield.
I was actually awakened to synchronicity by the 23 enigma in my early 20's ;-) I remember an incident with my girlfriend of the time we had been experimenting with "the coital alignment technique" and experienced what I can only describe as telepathy , at the height of the passion we looked at our clock it was 2:30am then my girlfriend looked at the Spiral Tribe poster on the wall and exclaimed "it's a 23!"
There are lots of explanations of the enigma but one of the rarest is it relationship to an African deity (whose name I don't know) that represents the strength and positivity than can arise from war and conflict. Perhaps this is similar to the concept of "breaking apart" in the I ching or the numerolgical explantion of 23 as a completion of a cycle (those experts on the tarot may be able to enlighten us.)

Sunday, 8 February 2009

The Groove,The Circus,Kats,Kings,The 888 & 55

Friday, February 29, 2008

Groove Rider Inside

Not many news stories touch me these days but this one has.
Not sure if I ever actually met Groverider. I used to shop in "da underground records" while I was at uni during the heady dayz of Rave. I used to hang around the shop for hours then buy one or two twelve inchs from Randall, Swanne, Hype or Flex . We never spoke much it was just head noddin to the mix.
The tunes i would later hear the likes of Rider play at the Orange club
I later desended into the spiral techno madness of psychik youth for a couple of years
after which I sorted me self out ,trained kung fu ,capoeira , danced salsa , got a normal job , a wife
Isn't it funny how your life can change in an instant , I try to look for the positive in things but sometimes when the 23's show up and the paranoia setz in its hard
"23rd November" booked to play "The Lodge"
hold it down man
till the good times roll again
Da J Steve Kane

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Stoke Fest & Bassline Circus

We went to The Advertigo show by Basslane Circus Last Night, good to see a young Circus Pushing things FWD
Best wishes to those of you going to Stokefest today
Sandra and I won't be in the "Capoeira" cause we're packing ready to move house later in the week but we'll be there in spirit

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

black cats

Yesterday as I was driving to work when I heard a new advert for "118 247" (yellow pages) It starts with that comedian fella talking to his supposed wife/girlfriend about the fact black cats were supposed to be lucky/unlucky.No sooner had he finished speaking these words when a black cat ran straight across the road in front of my car SPOOKY

Monday, June 04, 2007

Dreams become reality

Sunday Morning I had a vivid Dream , It was latest in a series of dreams I've been having from early childhood. For the abridged version lets say I attended a wonderful Rave at a kind of Circus, maybe it was located somewhere in a decaying margin of a huge urban metroplis in LA/Tokyo or LDN .
I awoke from the dream and said to my wife " I haven't been to a circus for ages I'd like to go to one, "
Sunday mornings I usually do a Martial Arts Class, The venues been a bit changeable of late so I called my teacher who said we were training in Highbury Fields, about an hour later I pulled up at the park in question only 5 mins from my house to see the Caravans & Big Top of the Chinese State Circus .

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The 8 8 8 - The Transit Kings and a Windmill in Brixton

On 08/08/2006 (8.8.8) a stargate opened which has enabled a group of extra terrestrials to contact us the inhabitants of planet earth and deliver a impulse of goodness of unimaginable importance. Like all good things that come to an end the gate will only be open for a limted period and will close again on 26/08/2006 (8.8.8.) reaching midpiont on 17/08/08 (8.8.8) Last Thursday (midpoint) I relayed this story the harmonic resonance with the 888 to some work colleagues who looked at me with some incredulity. My confidence dashed I busyied myself at work until I received an email from a nother friend advising me of an important short film I should watch regarding a coverup surrounding "911" I told him the significance of the days date to global peace his response was shock at the synchronicty as his 26th birthday is on 26/08/08 and he went away convinced I had been channeling extra terrestrials !This truly special day was not over yet .I had heard that the Super Group known as the Transit Kings ( comprised of some members of some of my favourites bands ) were having a secret gig the windmill Brixton. Upon telling my incredulous friends they said I bet it's not a real windmil !Suffice to say the Transit Kings rocked the windmall !I was left wondering "What is the magic in ones eyes thats makes them sparkle like the skies ? "and my wife returns to UK on the 26/08/08

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Haunted Dancefloor

Just checked out a blog by K Punk who writes on dissensus where Kode 9 and Blackout post messages. I have been mighty impressed with The Digital Mystikz, Burial ,Vex'd etc since Sid gave me that Skull Disco flyer down at the Dub Station (Cloak and Dagger)
The very next day i got surfin hit the Breezeblock and flipped over to the short on BBC DNA
I'm so diggin the write up on The Burial ,Is it really haunted dancefloor time again ? I'm Almost scared to buy it !
"Meditate on bass weight" they say "Perfect Music Perfect Balance" thats DMZ ,Subloaded and Essence of Chi, three I've missed in as many weeks
JSK always chasin dreams

Capoeira Angola , The Dannce of the Zebra and the 55 Bus

While many of its roots are plain to see the history of Capoeira is complex and there are conflicting stories regarding its origins many of which were probably true for different moments in time.One of the lesser known stories is capoeira relation to the Dance of the Zebra "N'Golo" a fertility ritual that survives to this day in Africa where the young eligible menof the tribe "dance" and the winner chooses his bride.This story has to particular resonance to me because of how i met my wife.
My Capoeira Mestre was performing a demonstration at a Brazillian themed night at the Havanna night club in centraal london and his students were invited to assist ,during the roda my mind was focused on the pperformance but i couldn't help noticing the pretty girl in the audience,being a sunday evening i left the club soon after the performance had finished due to work committments the next day,but as luck would have it who was sitting at the bus stop but the same girl,Her english was rudimentary much like my protuguese but we struck up conversation and while waiting for the same 55 bus so hopped on together, we chatted so much i actually missed my stop,we swapped phone numbers and our first date was church where we were suitable chaperoned,the rest they say is herstory