Sunday, 24 July 2011

Skate like a man - Off the beaten track - Culture Shock

The attached image has been a favourite of mine for years

I first encountered the image as a kid (when i was a skater) in the adverts of "Thrasher magazine" for the skateboard manufacturers "Skate like a man" i also remember "pigdog" commenting on the adverts with relish!

Years later i encountered it again when i moved to London it was the era of Spiral Tribe and the image was used for a flyer promoting a swanky west end "house" club entitled "Culture shock" which was a far cry from the hardcore raves i was used to.It was in this era that i was using the logo myself for some t-shirts and a mix tape. In recent years i have noticed it being used (with the addition of a surfboad) as the logo for "Off the beaten track" a surf shop in St Ives. I chatted to the owner of the shop this week and he told me its an Aztek symbol - my resonance with The Aztek is chronicled elsewhere.....