Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tricky Bizznizz

I have blogged briefly about the graffiti artist "Banksy " before ,He formed part of a group of graffiti artists including "Goldie", "Inkie", "3D" who I associate with the Barton Hill Skate Ramp and Bristol Hip Hop scene.

"Inkie" used to go to school with my brother. "3.D." (who produced Neneh Cherrie's "Man Child" ) seemed at the time the epitome of cool, However growing up as a skater in Bristol I remember meeting the various members of Massive Attack and despite loving their music, I was disappointed to discover they were in reality just flawed human beings like the rest of us. So it didn't surprise me to read about the very public falling out over the years of the various members, To be fair their first album "Blue Lines" was always going to be an impossibly a hard act to follow. The pressures must have been immense.Today I read the latest episode in that "Massive Attack" saga "Tricky's" attack on "3.D."

It was always "Tricky" who really irritated me. I first met "Tricky" in my local pub which for some reason he visited just after the release of the first album.At the time I had quite "hot" girlfriend he made a b line for her and his chat up line was effectively "if you go home with me I'll give you some massive attack t-shirts" he even seemed surprised when she declined.

I almost forgot about "Tricky" (to my mind he never repeated the quality of his work on blue lines) until a few years later when he had an encounter with another "girl of mine" we weren't actually in a relationship but I was keen on the idea so imagine my annoyance when she came home one night telling me she had met Tricky at a party and he had autographed her underwear ! - suffice to say that friendship was short-lived

So it seems Tricky has the habit of exposing my deepest fears and insecurities and so I wasn't surprised when his attack on "3.D." evoked similar emotions about what it is to be "pretentious" "self confident" , "cool" , "a white guy"...

Monday, 6 May 2013

The Black Dog

While I've touched on the subject of Black Dogs & White Wolves before but I've been evading a detailed blog on the subject. Perhaps I've been too lazy or embarrassed to explain the connections, however the recent 20th anniversary of Jeff Noons cyberpunk novel "Vurt" (with an interesting take on "dog" symbolism) and the fact I have experienced a sync flap on the subject has prompted me to rewrite this post.

I started noticing the Black Dog when I first moved to London and our local students union was visited by a stage hypnotist whose gimmick was a black Labrador "The Hypno Dog" I was studying hypnotism at the time as part of a Psychology degree so took the opportunity to be hypnotised as research.

During the long hot summer that followed more Black Dogs came my way ;Dog Town (L.A. /Skateboards), Dead Dog Mountain (UK PUNK REGGAE), Snoop Dog(LA Hip Hop) ,Dogs on Acid (UK Drum and Bass).

For a while one of flat mates (a Jamaican guy) owned a black Doberman it was the first time I had ever lived with a dog in the house. Another interesting experience was when I met the black dogs owned by the boss of the temping agency I had been working for since finishing uni.

I started thinking about the symbolism of the Black Dog when I went to see the techno act "The Black Dog" play at a club called vapour space, for some reason it surprised me to see two statues of Black Dogs (Anubis) mounted on the computer.

Slowly courtesy of Robert Anton Wilson, Spiral Tribe, TOPY ,& much later J.K. Rowling it all clicked into place

The Dogon ,The Dog Star (Sirius), The Dog Days ,

Arrowsmith explains much of the symbolism well at his Blog The Black Dog Star