Sunday, 14 March 2010

The End, The Foundry, Plastic People

I previous reffered in Owl Syncs to the demise of the Foundry in Shoreditch this bar ,gallery, party venue has been a feature of the shoreditch scene for nearly a decade.Its living life on the edge and may already have been sold to developers for the site of a plush new hotel ,despite a passioned plea from Bill drummond of the KLF it seems its days are numbered and attention has shifted to Plastic people which also faces a closure order well they say these things come in 3's

Last night i went to what might be my last night at the foundry featureing DJ's Wrongspeed and Orgone ,Some of my best memories of the foundry include ; being freaked out by a chaos magician in the basement at Lisa Lovebuckets birthday party,chatting to two dominatrixes about the church of subgenius the night i met hooray 23, being asked to DJ for Yellow Dragon Records and of listening to friends and meeting new ones at "Vinyl pleasures"

Life is changing for me but "The Owls" have returned, last night DJ Orgone (the new tech house sensation) reminded me of The Owl referances in Twin peaks , and today Steve Willner mentioned an Owl/Osirus connection in a podcast on Red Ice Radio while my wife is determined i post a photo of myself standing beside "owl" my parents morris minor saloon.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

The 333

Yesterday i saw a blog post by Goddess Glory about the 333 ,I've been resonating the 333 for a number of years but apart from "Bill Drummond" of the legendary "KLF"'s Book "33" (which i lost about a week ago) no one else has really mentioned it to me. it started when i had dream that i had a special card which said "United states of Mind Kind - ADMIT 1 for Free" which would get me into all my favourite clubs for free"
Not long after this a long running London nightclub that a friend of mine used to attend in Shoreditch named "The London Apprentice" was closed down and reopened under new management and called "The 333" This coincided with my moving to Shoreditch and in the early days off the 333 i attended on a regular basis at the time there was a regular Hip Hop breaks night at this club which i used to attend which had a DJ named 33 1/3 other nights i attended included "OMSK" and the "Shaolin film club" at which my Kung fu teacher did a Kung Fu demostration.
I guess the other major association i have with 33 is that of the 33rd Degree Freemasons ( in those schools that have more than 3 degrees) which take us to motown and the Detroit Grand Pubahs"
So back to yesterday, which happened to be a work colleagues birthday 03 03 , i was chatting to him today and we realised the letters of the year of his birth yeard add up to you guessed it 33