Thursday, 24 February 2011

C's in my Conciousness

Today after a conversation about "Clears" in Scientology i started to experience C's on my conciousness.

The first has a connection to a blog I posted sometime ago entitled "The Deep Blue C" (Conciousness)
( note for readers of "the above", the organisers of the 2011 census have acknowledged they are expecting a signifant number of people to record "Jedi" as their religious affiliation )

Heres are some of todays "C's"

The Sea Org

The C of the 2011 Census

The Christ/Cosmic Conciousness

Sunday, 6 February 2011

White Rabbits, Boomtown Rats, Yellow Dragons, Flying Stars & Lion Dancing

This week my Tai Chi Kung Fu school "Yellow Dragon Fist" were invited to perform a Lion Dance live for the BBC's "Chinese New Year" edition of their Flagship "One Show" show, Chinese new year is always a busy time for the school with invitations to Lion Dances and alterations to the Feng Shui required (my Master is a Practioner of Flying Star Feng Shui.)
Despite various obstacles (including the car breaking down) we arrived at Television centre in good time and met Chris Evans dressed as a White Rabbit and Sir Bob Geldof the Boomtown Rat in time for the show. This was in fact my first ever time to do a Lion Dance usually I play the drum or cymbals but all went well and a link to the performance on The One Show can be found here