Sunday, 3 June 2012

Zero's and Olive's

Back in the late eighties early nineties during the rave era i was particulalry inspired by a tune called "Lock Up " by the artist Zero B, around the same time i was into the fairly unkown Hip Hop act "MC 900 ft Jesus" whos DJ i believe may have been called DJ Zero. A few years later while passing through a Blue obsession, during which time i was djing under the alias Blue 5 (a subtle Skywalker reference) i happened to attended a graffiti workshop held by an artist called "Zero" we planned a couple of joint pieces with the tag ZERO/ Blue 5 Within the last couple of years i was surpised to find an aquaintance of mine from those years is now making music with the original Zero B ,the two of them known as the Drum Monkeys Now the word Olive and extensions of it have also been reoccuring in my conciouness over the last few years. My wifes maiden name is OLiveira and my son has retained it (along with my surname) Oliveria is also the surname of my CApoeira Grandmaster But olives first started resonating with me in the 00's when a female artist called "olive" released a bass breakbeat pop tune "your not alone" at the same time as a work colleague called "olive" accused my flat mate of poisoning her with his coffee. for some reason at this time i thought that olive could be read as "Zero Live" Over the years i have transitioned from being most immeresed in either Live music or recorded/electronic perspective on the difference between the live / recorded phenomenom was summed up in the title of a live album by Punk band The MIsfits entitled "Evil LivE".