Sunday, 15 June 2014

The Elephant in The Room

Yesterday I read a post about how one of the largest elephants in India was killed by Poachers, and this morning I was reminded of the exhibition by the Graffiti artist Banksy

Elephants entered my awareness as a child with the Disney Movie Dumbo and around the same time my dad made an elephant "hat" for me out of papier mache which I used my brothers and to win 1st prize in a carnival we entered.
At age 11 I went to a secondary School named Queen Elizabeths Hospital ,which was occasionally referred to by local rival schools as "Queer Elephants House"

Round the age of twenty three I threw a joint birthday party at the infamous Clays lane Housing cooperative on the site of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park & Olympic village .The main symbolism in the flyer my friend and I designed was a "smurf", which I considered to represent "Earth conciousness" however we also incorporated an sacred chao/yin yang and at the insistence of my friend an elephant .

The preservation of Elephants, Tiger, Rhinos, etc like the Rainforests and Environmental protection more generally seems to me to be one of the most critical goal facing Humankind.

The final resonance of the elephant that seems worth mentioning is in the imagery often used to represent in the Hindu/ Buddhist deity Ganesh.