Saturday, 23 August 2014

Dr Who

"Knock Knock"
"Whos there"
"Dr who? "
"You just said it"

I might not have written this post today 23/08/14 had I not recently experienced the following synchronicity whilst taking my 4 year old son to a birthday party.While there I was telling/teaching him and his friends the "Dr Who" knock knock joke.It was the first joke I ever learnt and now the pattern repeats itself.While I was telling the joke to the children, the tune on the c.d. changed to a Grime/dubstep tune with the refrain Tell Em its Dr Who!" the synchronicity was poignant to all of us and there were some surprised little faces at the coincidence.
As a child I was a huge Dr Who fan, my introduction to the show was during classic era of Tom Baker.My favourite characters were of course; The Daleks,The Cybermen, K9 and The Master. I had my first personal connection with a tv show as an episode "Dr Who and the Hand" was filmed at Hinkley point Point Nuclear power station near to where my Dad worked. I had friend who was also was a massive "Dr Who" fan, but as we grew older "Dr Who" went through a dire period and I felt it was increasingly uncool. I disowned "Dr Who" and my friend. Funnily enough it was the tune by The KLF /Timelords "Doctorin the Tardis" that ushered in "the rebirth of kool" and reminded me what I liked about "Dr Who" This was quite a few years before it's revitalisation on screen with another regeneration and the era of David Tenant. Today 23/08/14 see the return of a news series of "Dr Who" and it seems the "discordian" connection is now well embedded for more on this see John Higgs book "KLF Chaos Magick and the band that burned a million quid.