Saturday, 9 March 2013

Probably a Robbery - Team Robbo (Part Two)

The now well documented Graffiti war between Banksy and Robbo got me thinking about a couple of things (aside from whether its all a publicity stunt)and no I wouldn't say that to their faces and neither of them have ever heard of me ;-)
I haven't really taken sides in this war I have resonance with both;
The first Robo I ever heard of was a onetime member of The Misfits and a member of Black Flag . Black Flag and The Misfits were both american hardcore punk bands of the eighties Black Flag were quite political ,The Misfits were more theatrical my favourite Misfits song is London Dungeon which Glenn Danzig wrote when he was thrown in prison one night during their only uk tour support "Steve Strange and The Dammed
I live in North east London these days and I've blogged on Glen Danzig vs the North Side Kings and the synchronicities (Fist of the North Star/ Fist A /Fist Yellow Dragon Fist here ) and my favourite Team Robbo work was the reappropriation of the Tesco flag in upper street Islington
Banksy apparently comes from my home town Bristol an area which featured riots over the opening of a new tesco.There were no riots in Clapton Pond (where i now live) over a new tesco, just middle class disapproval. Banksy and i share at least one other niche interest..

Probably a Robbery - Renegade Soundwave (Part 1) can be found here

Friday, 8 March 2013

The White Room - Thee Dream Frequency

A synchronistic chat with someone I think of representing Black Conciousness reminded me of The White Room yesterday.

The White room was an album by "the KLF" also known as "The JAMMS" .
I was introduced to the concept of "Lucid Dreaming" by another production duo known as "The Jedi Knights". while talking with friends on the subject we decided to experiment with techniques for lucid dreaming and dream telepathy we formed our own chapter of Jedi Knights and needed to agree a meeting place in the dreamspace that would be fairly easy for us all to visualise, so settled upon use the concept of the white room ( much like the white room that Morpheus uses to train Neo in the Matrix film)

For further details on the strange journey of the KLF to the White Room click Here and for more of my adventures on thee dream frequency check

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