Monday, 6 December 2010

The Fist of the North Star and Glenn Danzig vs the North Side Kings

Today I saw a new blogpost referring to the Manga Film "Fist of the North Star" it reminded me of a sync flap I experienced between; the Graffiti artist "Fist A" (who was sent to prison for a number of years,which always seemed to me like an over reaction to me).The Lesbian S&M club "Fist" (which a friend of mine used to attend but never invited me - lol ), and my Kung Fu school Yellow Dragon Fist

The "Fist of the North Star" sync'd with "The North Side Kings" who had a well publicised fallout with the singer Glenn Danzig. Glen Danzig originally fronted the Punk band "The Misfits" I was turned onto The Misfits when Metallica cover two their tunes on "The Garage days re re visited e.p." I thought were The Misfits were "The Dogs ..." ,they later evolved into Samhain and finally Danzig, It was during the Danzig era that Glenn Danzig introduced me to "The Nag Hammadi scrolls" and Gnosticism. Glen Danzig was a paradoxical figure and I had always heard stories that he could be an obnoxious twit with a big ego and one of his best songs "London Dungeon" was apparently written after he got into a fight and was arrested during on the Misfits only ever uk tour.
Well hero's I guess are fated to disappoint and the now famous "Danzig vs North Side Kings" brought everything full circle , in attitude the North side Kings were everything "Danzig" should have been.