Wednesday, 10 August 2011

"Shaolin or Wu Tang" "Regional or Angola"

This weeks riots in London have impacted on me deeply, I believe there have been multiple causes, but I think many of the perpetrators have rioted in attempt to assert some sort of control, whether they have done so because they felt social injustice, boredom, disempowerment or simple greed.

20 years ago I might have joined them on the demo and I might have joined in the looting (shock horror) for me it was Martial Arts that helped me empower myself ( The truth is I dont think I am that much tougher a person than I was twenty years ago) but practising martial arts has taught me many other things about myself I had not anticipated; my limitations, my capabilties, it has taught me about hierarchy and group organization, it has taught me about teamwork and loyalty , it has taught me humility, how to be assertive ( if necessary), how to relax, to pick my fights carefully and my role models and teachers even more so.

a Master once said " in the old academies you never really know who the Master is, it might be the person you least expect like the one mopping the floor" the lesson is , we can all and should learn from each other

Thanks to all who have helped me on my journey Masters and students all