Wednesday, 17 February 2010

white rabbits ,janitors the number 17 and "the heyoka" (sacred clown)

Yesterday the subject of "kinky" sex came up at work and seeing myself as a broadminded free thinking character (as i do) i decided to embrace the Flow/Wolf and allow the White Rabbit/Trickster/Phooka to do his magick. 2+2 =5 The sync door flew open and when i got home i saw the phrase"Sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains intrigue me" on a friends status this sync'd with my conversation at work and the name of a party organised by my friend called "breakin bones " so promtly did a cut and paste job to my own status , I also got a email about a forthcoming performance by Bill Drummond and "the 17" in aid of Haiti, ( the only nation to successfully rise up and throw off the shackle of slavery by political rebellion)
i also had a completly unrelated facebook conversation about "the mild mannered janitors" in Hong Kong Phooey who could be see as Hong Kong Phooey's higher self or guardian angel
today the syncs have kepy flowing Arrowsmith has posted a blog entry entitled the "clown charkra" and Indras net has posted a blog entry entiled "17-again-and-jupiter-janus-phooka" about a Phooka/White Rabbit that appears in the form of a janitor !
as i write this i'm thinking how my work colleagues will read the word "phooka" and the film "meet the F**kers , what i have i started ? time to escape the rabbit hole