Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Into the Deep Blue Conciousness

A post by Black Dogs Star "The Blue One" , hit me like a poke in the third eye with a blunt instrument shedding new light on my own experience with the blue energy /entity and compelling me to write up this chronicle

I first began consciously resonating blue energy when the “National” petrol company did a Smurf promotion in the early eighties, like many others it was my first introduction to Smurfs and I was on holiday in my family in Ireland at the time so coincidentally it was also introduced to the leprechaun. Strange that back then I associated smurf with petrol (an polluting fossil fuel) whereas now they represent to me a greener Smurf consciousness.

The blue energy remained largely unconscious to me for many years until the early nineties when I began to hear about "project blue book" (the alien agenda) there was a seminal Radio 1 show at the time by Rob da Bank entitled “the Blue room” and I think the Orb did a song with the same name. I read Whitley Strieber’s “Communion” which describes the short stocky blue troll (Smurf like) aliens and underwent some near misses with extra terrestrial consciousness at Bear Mountain. I also became aware of the Hindu deities which are often represented with blue skin and became aware that my Celtic/druid ancestors also used to paint there skin blue ,to this day in the United Kingdom the royal family are referred to as having blue blood. Around the same time I began to resonate the Blue Cat, the seminal Drum and Bass Jungle techno label “Metalheadz” used a blue cat for its logo and I was introduced to little known “Magic Roundabout” feature film entitled “Dougal and the Blue Cat”, I began to resonate the Jaguar (another cat with a blue hue) courtesy of DJ Rolando “the Aztek Mystic,” while the musical blues continued with the Helicopter tune by Deep Blue and the number one song by Deep Blue Something.

The Smurfs came back into consciousness when the DJ team “The Jedi Knights” began to release new school electro on clear and I got back into break dancing “the Smurf" was a classic early 80 electro track. In an interview with the short lived Jedi Knights they talked about the internet as “an old school network” and remarked that the future is in “Lucid dreaming” possibly the first time I had heard of the concept.

They also mentioned they wanted to see a new smurf for the nineties, within days the "news of the world" featured spaceman smurf on the front cover and the song "Spaceman" by Babylon Zoo quickly went to number one with its “smurf vocals”, I visited an friend who I knew to be a magician and tarot reader to see that he had put Smurf stickers all around his mirror when I remarked on the coincidence he told me he had found them in a skip along with a Papa Smurf cuddly toy which he gave me.

The Smurfs came thick and fast, they released a computer game and album within weeks, including a great cover version of “I wanna be a hippy” I went to see the DJ/producer Roger Sanchez play the main room at The End (Roger S was stylin the white kangol at the time) in the lounge The Jedi Knights and Matthew “Bushwacka B” played possibly the best electro sets I’d ever heard. All that was missing was the Smurfette.

Within weeks Clays Lane threw one of its less infamous but no less memorable party’s, it was in fact a rather sedate barbeque. I went along in a newly purchased the shiny blue shirt and white Kangol. Imagine my shock when who else should turn up but a beautiful young lady dressed in a short mini dress of the same shiny blue material as my shirt and with flowing blonde hair.

The amazing synchronicities began to subside the blue energy faded into the background occasionally resurfacing "Remember me" by blue boy and again more recently went I learnt of the “ka-ohm” atom said to exist in the heart said to resonate the colour blue, is that the reason for the use of the colour blue for the heart chakra in Tibetan Buddhism.