Sunday, 23 November 2008

Feng Shui Does it Work ?

some years ago while living temporaily at a friends place who was experimenting with Feng Shui I had the following experience Myself being a critical type though interested was not convinced and it certainly seem a lot of work.My friend had been toldby his Feng Shui teacher that the position of the door is of extremem importance in Feng Shui of a building and had set aboutaltering the angle of his front door.In no way was this alteration aesthetically pleaseing and my friend was having problems getting the door to shut properly in its new position.after some time his teacher arrived to inspect the work,he turned to meand asked what i thought,I didn't really have to reply it was obvious from my face that i thought my friend had completly ruined a perfectly good front doorand for What ? the teacher took the tolls made some adjustments the door clicked shut and the job was finished.The teacher turned to us and said "you wait and see this new door position will be much better for attracting wealth and business.No sooner had he said this than the telephone rang It was my employment agencywho had given me a sucession of unfullfilling temporary jobs. "We have a wonderful opportunty for you" they said "its a temporary post but with agood chance they will take you on permanently" the Feng Shui teacher smiled.

UFOs at Bear Mountain

In the summer after I graduated I spent three months working upstate New York for "Camp America".Our camp was situated by a beautiful lake in the shadow of "Bear Mountain" which I later learned was a sacred mountain for the Alogonquin Indians. I had been at camp for a month or so when I had my first weekend off and was given the opportunity to visit New York City.I naturally jumped at the chance and while wandering the streets of Manhattan a thought came into my head that I should buy a particular book that I remembered people reading on the bus while I travelled to school a few years earlier.I particularly remembered the book had an strange image of humanoid figure on the front cover (which i now knew was a "grey alien")I also remembered the book was printed with the spine on the wrong side. Imagine my shock when literally moments later I turned a corner to see the same image postered from top to bottom across what appeared to be a shop front.I tentatively pushed the door of the shop open to find it seemed to be the haunt of some skateboarders and DJ's (both interests in which I shared) they were also seemingly obsessed with ufo's and alien abduction.I proceeded to have great chat about all sorts of underground things things like Genesis P'Orridge and T.O.P.Y and they gave me some tips on where to check out in New York,including a bookshop a few yards down the road where I could purchase a copy of the book "Communion" which I packed away in my bag for a rainy day.A couple of weeks later, back on camp after the kids were asleep, I lay down on my bunk in my log cabin and reached for the copy "Communion" which I had purchased.Once again my jaw dropped as I read the first few pages of this apparently true story of an alien abduction, the events of which took place upstate New York in a log cabin in the vicinity of Bear Mountain.

As Dreams Become Reality

As a young boy i was always very concious of my dreams but it was always the reoocuring dreams that made the most impression on me.One in particular i could never fathom. In this dream I was in the weirdest of environments and my senses were overwhelmed by the strangest combination of lights and sounds, while i was a surrounded by the oddest looking people.I remember trying to descibe the dream to my parents and brothers. i used to say "i had that dream again ,the one where i was inside the "kalidescopic play house puzzle" and there were people dressed like florence and dougal from the magic roundabout" i soon learnt to cease mentioning my dreams as nobody was really interested.
Many years later while at University I was a huge fan of the rave scene and in particular the underground tekno parties of London.On one occasion I ended up at a particularly memorable arty a neighbour Derek C was djing at the party in an "old school house" in north east london. It was here in the midst of a full on rave that my Flat mate "Chris Genius" introduced me to Graffit artist named "Snooze" and his girlfriend"Super Mandy". At that moment time seemed to stand still and i felt as though i had been struck by a a bolt of lightning as i realised i was experiencing one of my earliest childhood dreams.Even by todays standards Chris, Wayne and Mandy's style cause heads to turn. Both Chris and Wayne are well over 6ft tall and at the time had long dreadlocks, while Mandy is short ,has wonderful curves and sports the coolest Afro in town, of course as a young child from a white suburb of Bristol their features, faces and fashion were alien to me ,as was the concept of a rave. Within days Mandy and Wayne had move into the same house at Clays Lane shared by myself , Kris and my other good friend Johnny Jedi and all four were to have a huge impact on my life.

The Aztek ,The Knights of The Jaguar and strange experiences in the Valley of the Dawn

Back in the early Nineties while while Studying Psychology at East London University,I spent the weekends submerging myself in the London underground Tekno subulture. Particularly memorable were the Zero Gravity and Nuclear free zone parties where i heard DJ Aztek play a number of times. Some years later I had a dream where I was back in zero gravity and again the Aztek was on the wheels of steel, but this time as he mixed his mesmerizing tunes he assembled a silver telescopic contraption with spinning metallic windmill like blades that caught the lights in a magical and enchanting way.The music in the dream was as haunting as the lights were entrancing. So imagine my suprise when I heard that same music a few weeks later coming from my radio one friday night on Pete Tongs "essential selection" on the slot dedicated to his "essential new tune" The shock was compounded as he named the tune and the artist "Knights of the Jaguar" by DJ Rolando The Aztek Mystic . The story was to take a further twist as it emergered the record had been given a full international release by Sony which subsequently led to the a well document a legal dispute between Sony Corporation,and the artists record label "Underground Resistance" which have a proud and fiercely independent history and had apparently refused permission for the record to be lisenced to Sony. I had to wonder could this mixup really have anything to do with the activities of a beautiful but rather choatic young lady I had met recently at a friends club "Afrodisia". The relationship had been one of those brief affairs full of passion laughter and tears , she was just back from Japan where she had been on a intercultural exchange. We shared a love of Detroit tekno and dancing and had proundly told me how recently she had been asked by a japanese friend of hers who worked for Sony to do some translation work fora meeting with none other than Mad Mike head honcho of Undeground Resistance.
Later that year I too was on an intercultural exchange in Brazil and following my 5 month work placement i decided to do some travelling. Not far from the Capital of Brazil and closer still to the Geodesic centre of Brazil lies a small town known as the Valley of the Dawn.This community was started by a former truck driver "Tia Neiva" who having suffered from a period of Mental ill health from which she could find no help from conventional counsellors/psychiatrists decided to take the experiences at face value and entertain the notion that she was being contacted from extra terrestrial/other dimensional forces.The entities that were contacting her labelled themselves as "The Jaguars" and claimed to be Highly evolved spirits who had experienced multiple reincarnations. They had, in at least one of their lifetimes fought in incredibly violent battles and committed horrifically violent acts however they had eventually been united under their leader "Pai Seta Branca"who himself was an earlier incarnation of the St Francis of Assisi and had become united behind the teaching of the Christ and the Prophets.The Valley of the Dawn in its physical dimension attracts all sorts of visitors having become something of a tourist attraction however it maintains the tradition started by "Tia Neiva"of providing support to the homeless , poor and trouble stricken. and holds elaborate ceremonies during which its adept enter trance and channel messages to those present.Like all the tourist I took my place to watch one of these ceremonies. and took a step back as they asked for volunteers and just at that moment who should I bump into but the Brazillian girlfriend of one of my Capoeira group from back in London "Steve" she called out drawing everyones attention to me "what are you doing here" "are you going to Volunteer" "no no" i said and anyway the medium probably dont speak english, not a problem she said the mediums don't speak english but the jaguars can speak any number of languages, so forward i went to receive my message from the Jaguars .The message was clear, I apparently had very serious karma ,due to very violent deeds commited in a previous life. Upon my return to the uk I was warned to be very careful ;where I live ,with whom I live and to make a similiary considered decision in regards to what religion I practise. As I left the valley I bought a post card with an artist impession of one of the most formidable Jaguars "Mestre Lazarus".
Next on my trip across Brazil was a visit to Bahia and the city of Salvador the capoeira academy of my capoeira teacher's master in Brazil so a smile crosssed my face when i saw on the paper and name and address Mestre Lazarau - Rua de Jaguaracy.
I trained with Mestre Lazarus for a couple of weeks staying in a nearby a guest house and one day i return to my room to find i had been robbed the main items stolen were a Bad Boy Capoeira T-shirt and the last of my Wagama t-shirts ( these were the unoffical t -shirts of my kung fu school at the time ) we had no official t-shirts but gifted of a box of wagamma t-sirts ) sadly the t-shirts stolen from me in brazil were intended as presents for my Mestres Lazarao .The events surrounding the discovery of the robbery were quite eventful,My friend and I had been sitting meditating in our hotel room when my rucksack mysteriously fell over , I found this strange so checked it to find I had been robbed of above items ,we notified the hotel that we were leaving and the reasons why ( we suspected an inside job) . by the time we had reached the end of the road we were arrested and accused of leaving without paying,
we were taken to the police headquater and questioned and at one point left to sweat while the auuthirites went away to check our stories ,while alone in the poloce commisioners office,I noticed the huge Bible on display with its ornate writing and images and found to my amazement it had been left open at the Story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead and an amazing image of Lazarus ,the Police commisioner soon returned. Only the intervention of lawyers from AFS Brazil and the real life from Mestre Lazarao avoided a night in the cells.
The final twist to this tale came when after return to my host family we took a trip to Rio and visited the corcovada the famous statue of "the christ" it was a rainy day so there were not many people about but a group of young local boys seemed to get excited when they saw me , they approached me, my host parents tried to encorage them to go away thinking we might be robbed ,but the boys were insistent it seems they had spotted my Underground Resistance "Knights of the Jaguar" T shirt and had associated it with the Rio "Funk" scene they wanted to freestyle some raps as they seemed almost certain i was some kind of A&R from Sony and might be able to sign them up for the rich and famous lifestyle of an international rap star.

The 23 Enigma

When David Beckham chose the number 23 on his Real Madrid Shirt his expplanation was that it was the number worn by the inspirational basket ball player Michael Jordan who wore the number 23 for the Chicago Bulls and the the Wizards.However is there a deeper significance behind the 23, a growing number of people believe the 23 acts as a signifier of mysterious forces at work,In the early nineties an infamous band of new age travelling teckno ravers known as Spiral Tribe whose slogan was "Free Party ,Free People, Free Future" openly used the 23 as part of their branding. Following Castlemorton the UK's largest ever Free Rave they were hounded by the state and following the introduction of the criminal Justice Bill left the UK to achieve some peace.
Prior to Spiral Tribe It was Psyhick TV and Thee Temple ov Psychik Youth who propogated the meme during the eighties, but where did they get it from, most likely it was 70's cult Novelist Robert Anton Wilson and his co authour of the "Illuminatus" trilogy Robert Shea , but even they were not the first to ponder the 23 Enigma and themselves made reference to the "23 Skiddoo" in Aliceister Crowleys "Book of the law"
In recent years The Number 23 has been the subject of a film by Jim Carey and a new wave of "good girls gone bad" have been photographed wearing the Bulls 23 including Rhianna and more recent Miley Cyrus who with Juicy J and Whiz Khalifa produced "Mike will made it ..23ft "