Monday, 18 January 2010


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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Red envelopes ,Red Eyes and Jedi Smurfs

In Chinese culture there is a tradition around the time of Chinese new year (the lunar new year as opposed to the solar new year) of placing money in red envelopes and giving them to the Lions along with a cabbage that does the new years lion dance as an offering to the deities to bestow good health and good fortune this money is usually distributed amongst local charities.

I usually make a donation in a red envelope at this time of year to the charity of my Buddhist/ Taoist /kung Fu master so it was no surprise to receive his email of where to send the red envelope donation ,I was however surprised to receive a demand on the same day for a donation from another “authority” of a more dubious nature.

Faced with Hobson’s choice by these synchronistic demands, It was interesting to note the supernatural advice of my daily tarot card which suggested In considering my priorities I should support those organisations/individuals with a track record of supporting me.
My mind turned from my red envelope donation to the reddish purple bruising above my eye I had received that day in an “accident”, giving me a new slant on the term "red eye", it also reminded me of the lineage ancestor of my kung fu style "red eyebrow." I have come to see the term "red eye" as indication of some temporary or permanent altered state of consciousness in which messages are received . this idea has been developed by a number of synchromystic bloggers recently.
I have on occasion wondered about the supposed supernatural abilities of telepathy etc hinted at in descriptions of the old masters ,was red eyebrow one such master?

Until now I have never blogged on the similarities between the term "Red Eye and "Jedi" , The Jedi are in the story also Masters with supernatural powers so I smiled when I saw an article in the most recent Hackney Today about The new “Joint Enforcement Development Initiative” J.E.D.I. being trialled in the nightclubs of Hoxton/Shoreditch by a body made up of hackney councillors and police with a remit to investigating Health and Safety concern in the nightlife.

This new initiative reminded me of a story I heard years ago of a London Jungle DJ Smurf who was renowned at all the heaviest Hardcore/Jungle/Techno raves as the authority on health and safety matters. I have blogged before about the smurfs and hinted at a smurf/jedi connection ( first highlighted to me by the Global Communications/Evolution DJ’s aka the Jedi Knights!
To me the Smurfs represent a smurf/earth consciousness which has as fundamental principle Health and Safety