Sunday, 13 June 2010


i turned up at my capoeria class this week to be greeted by a east European visitor called MAYA who was sitting outside, the first to arrive, When the person arrived to open the space she introduced her three year old daughter called Maya , and when i comment on the synchronicity she said MAYA means "close to God" in Hebrew
I first met a women called Maya many years ago at A very underground techno party , at the height of the party i accidentally wandered onto the stage near to where the DJ was supposed to be playing but the record decks appeared to be deserted , a women stopped me and asked what i was doing i said "isn't the DJ AZTEK supposed to be playing ?" and she said "yes he is !I am his dj partner my name is MAYA " my memory of this incident has always been vague as i was in a bit of a trance state , i got the feeling mistakenly that in that moment she was saying i could be the DJ AZTEK and she could be my girlfriend,( i should have been so lucky AZTEK was my DJ hero at the time )
I put this all to the back of my mind until i read the book "The Celestine Prophecy" based in South America with talks about the spirituality of the MAYAN. and of course i was introduced to the 2012 end MAYAN calendar theory by Terrance Mckenna , the proof of which plods ever closer
more recently MAYA returned when i met the tarot reader ,and self realised Goddess Srimati Maha Shakti Everlasting online
what it all means who can tell ?