Friday, 30 December 2011

Mr C , Cyclone's / Psi Clones & C Conciousness

Many years ago the DJ Mr C who was then part of the band "the Shamen" was a part of a techno rave movement that inspired me read about shamanism , meditation etc

as a DJ and musician Mr C stood the test of time creating Plink Plnk and later the End.

Around the same time I remember a friend told me about a "dream" experienced by the DJ Nik Sequenci which involved "The Knights of the round table" reincarnated as a dj's to protect an Arthur/Merlin figure, this idea always stuck in my mind

Mr C ran a club for a while call "Cyclone" and always like the wordplay on Cyclone /Psi clone

also also had a mix tape by him called "Deep C"

The "C" also resonates the scientlogists state of "clear"

and a more mainstream Christ / Cosmic Conciousness