Saturday, 12 July 2014

Dennis the Menace

This week I have experienced a minor sync flap in relation to black and red horizontal stripes.prompting me to recall a reoccuring dream I used to have as a child in which I was somehow stuck in a war between two opposing tribes one of whom wore red and the other wore blue. My sync flap began on tuesday evening as I sat down with my family to watch the World Cup Semi final.We were surprised to see Germany turn out in a strip consisting of Red and Black horizontal stripes. Germany usually play predominantly in white .It is however not unusual to watch footballers in Brazil playing in Red and Black horizontal stripes because one of the biggest Brazilian club teams "Flamengo" from Rio have the exact same strip. much of my family in Brazil are Flamengista's and I have supported them ever since I first went to Brazil.Flamengo are often use as their mascot Black Urubu (a kind of vulture).
I first became aware of black and red horizontal stripes as a young child as the colours of the comic book character from Dennis the Menace from the Beano, apart from Dennis the menace I didn't much care for comics much and forget all about them until my teen when as a skater I became interested in punk music and was introduced to characters like Tank Girl & Judge Dredd from 200AD. I was mostly into American hardcore punk bands ,but I dipped my toe into the British punk scene and during my uk punk phase I most often wore t-shirts by conflict or the uk subs and my black and red stripped "Dennis the Menace" jumper given to me by my mum of all people. In the late eighties I discovered the rave culture. I remember The Shamen of "Ebeneezer" Goode fame holding one of their early Synergy events in Bristol not long after I was baptised by the Dub of hardcore jungle drum and bass at Warehouse Raves around the UK and the free party movement of the M4 corridor, Dennis the Menace was once again on the scene! During these years I became aware of Japanese Anime/manga ,Did the central character in "Akira" wear a black and red stripped top ?
As for myself I far more commonly wear blue and white red than red and black which I tend to reserve for Christmas and special occasions.