Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Lighthouse Family

My mother came from a small town in Cornwall located nr St Ives and as a child each summer we would go to the beach of St Ives Bay ,with miles of golden sands, beautiful blue seas and a wonderful view of Godrevy Lighthouse. In my teens I learnt to surf at St Ives bay and one summer enjoyed the simple pop music of "The Lighthouse Family" by the time I attended university I was slightly disconnected from my Cornish roots and one summer was invited by two sisters to visit their family in the town of Thurso in Scotland to surf some Scottish waves , imagine my surprise after I had travelled all the way to the tip of Scotland to enter the living room of their parents house and see an painting (painted by their dad) of St Ives Bay and Godrevy Lighthouse.
The lighthouse meme left again until it returned a few years ago courtesy of the Transit Kings with their single "The Last Lighthouse Keeper "


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Interesting story.
I have a blogging friend from Cornwall who runs a site on synchronicity and strange coincidences -

This is the sort of story that would interest him.More so because of the Cornwall link I would imagine.
Interestingly enough my favourite building in the world is the Byron Bay lighthouse in New South Wales,Australia.

I enjoyed the lighthouse song you mentioned in your post,too.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Speaking of songs and lighthouses,you might like this song called
"Forgotten Beach" by Robert James -!

It is about a guy that sees a picture on the wall of the forgotten beach of his childhood.
It is filmed under the Byron Bay lighthouse and the sofa that Robert is sitting on in the room is an IKEA Klippan sofa,which I may have picked,as I worked for the nearest store (Brisbane) at the time.