Saturday, 28 March 2009

The Robin / Probably a Robbery - Renegade Soundwave

Reading JK's post about synchs concerning the Robin
I was prompted to reply. I have resonated "The Robin" since I was a young child when my first ever football kit was the red and white of Bristol City (The Robins) which I supported.
I was unconscious of the Robin in classic "Robin of Sherwood" and "Batman and Robin" television series of my youth .
I lost the connection until I was much older when I was very into dj'ing and had my bike and many of my records "robbed" by "a friend" this event confirmed in my mind my Spiral Tribe status the stolen records, were now "illegal music" and I had the idea that the Spiral Tribe ethos contained within in it the concept communal living and perhaps even communal property,Spiral Tribe also resonated with me at least the idea of "nodes in cyclical time" and that positive outcomes can come about as a result of otherwise misfortunate events. The "Robbin" of my records prompted me to move house and my next home was to be a buddhist temple for 12 months( a life changing move ) I've had become aware that shamanic gifts (found items) while they can be magical and meaningful to the recipient have potential to be someone else's misfortune.
I imagined that stolen items might take on an energy and like a soul that wants to return to source, perhaps stolen items at the moment they are stolen begin a journey home. For me stolen records become can become particularly powerful by acting as kind of sonic tracking device (assuming they don't end up on the shelf or rubbish dump) stolen bikes evoke for me the similar idea and in some communities (e.g. Amsterdam and now London) bikes are good example of a communal property much like newspapers on a tube or property that belongs to an organisation.
It was around the time my records were robbed that I first listened to the radio 1 dj Rob da Bank on his Blue Room programme, not to be confused with the Kiss presenter Robin Banks, I could connect both these dj's to Banksy the stencil graffiti artist ( Banksy, Goldie 3D and Inkie all have a Bristol Barton Hill Youth Club/skateboard ramp connection ) and from banks to ,the Templars but that's another story......
Probably the only other significant robbery in my life was while I was in Brazil , I was staying in a guest house and while i'd been out my bags were robbed (probably an inside job) The main items stolen were a Bad Boy Capoeira T-shirt and the last of my Wagamama t-shirts ( these were the unofficial t-shirts of my kung fu school at the time ) we had no official t-shirts but had received a shamanic gift of a box of wagamama t-shirts ) sadly the t-shirts stolen from me in Brazil were intended as present for my Capoeira teachers Mestres Lazarao and Mestres No of Group Capoeira Angola Palmares .
The events surrounding the robbery were quite eventful, I had been sitting meditating in my hotel room when my rucksack mysteriously fell over , I found this strange so checked it to find I had been robbed of above items ,we notified the hotel that we were leaving and the reasons why (we suspected an inside job).By the time we had reached the end of the road we were arrested and accused of leaving without paying, only the intervention of lawyers from AFS Brazil and support from Mestre Lazarao avoided a night in the cells.


Jake Kotze said...


Dig the idea of shamanic gifts and robbing as robin sync.

Later G8or

JSteveKane said...

Check probably a robbery Part 2 here

JSteveKane said...

Today I was robbed again I had parked my car in the usual place and went to do some Christmas shopping planning to go into work later, I suffered a robbery and some communal property was stolen plus some personal possessions including some Christmas gifts,They made a mess of the car breaking the drivers side window and getting glass everywhere, I thought I'd been having a bad day until I got home and heard that some of my wifes family in brazil had been flooded out of their homes as their town has been overrun by flood waters.